Weeds to Know

Populations of invasive weed species are exploding everywhere, and our district is no exception. In this section you can learn about a number of invasive weeds in our region. We are actively soliciting help locating some of these weeds as part of our Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) program. Other weeds are very common, and we simply want to pass on helpful control information to you.

Weeds that are a part of our EDRR program are infrequent or have not yet arrived in our district. Our goal is to make sure they never become established in our region. Weeds that are established and widespread, such as blackberry and ivy, are just as threatening to our regional landscape. These noxious weeds are too abundant for our staff to wage a meaningful regional control effort. It is the responsibility of the land owner to manage these weeds on their property. Taking action to remove these species now is the best option for keeping your land and the land around you healthy, and for avoiding higher costs and headaches associated with removal later, as those weed populations increase.