Local Sources of Native Plants

Oak Fern (Gymnocarpium dryopteris)

Find local sources of native plants here, including seasonal sales, as well as year-round retail, wholesale, and seed suppliers. This list is not comprehensive and is not an endorsement of any organization or business. It is intended to provide a starting place for your own research. For more resources including what plants to use for different conditions (sunny and dry, shady and wet, etc.), click here.

Many of the nurseries below are also listed in the Native Plant section of our Conservation Directory. You can also download a PDF version of the list below (updated annually to bi-annually). The Backyard Habitat program (a joint project of the Audubon Society and the Columbia Land Trust) has an interactive map where you can find many of these nurseries and more.

Note: Many of the nurseries listed below do not use neonicotinoids; check this list to see if your favorite one is neonic-free!

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Native Plant discounts, coupons, and grant opportunities
  • Backyard Habitat Program: For a small sign-up fee, personal site consultations and a wide variety of discounts at many local native plant nurseries. https://backyardhabitats.org/
  • Gresham Incentive for Backyard Habitat Program enrollment: Gresham offers discounted enrollment in the BYH program, starting at $5. https://greshamoregon.gov/Backyard-Habitat-Certification/
  • Metro Yard & Garden coupons: $5 coupons good at a variety of local nurseries. https://www.oregonmetro.gov/yard-and-garden-coupon
  • City of Portland Community Watershed Stewardship Grants: $50 certificates for private landowners; more for community groups. https://www.portland.gov/bes/grants-incentives/native-plant-certificates
  • Seasonal Native Plant Sales (arranged by date, updated regularly)
  • Clark Conservation District: Online ordering in the fall and pick-up in early spring.
  • Marion County Soil & Water Conservation District Online ordering in the fall and pick-up in early spring.
  • Polk Conservation District: Usually in February.
  • EMSWCD (that’s us!): Online ordering in January and pick-up in February.
  • Yamhill Conservation District: Online ordering in winter and pick-up in early spring.
  • Washington County Small Woodlands Association: Usually in March.
  • Tryon Creek Trillium Festival: Usually in April.
  • Hardy Plant Society of Oregon: Usually in April.
  • Sparrowhawk Native Plants: Online ordering several times a year with pick-ups in varying locations. Some plants available for purchase on pick-up days.
  • Scappoose Bay Watershed Council April 13th and October 12th, 2024.
  • Retail and Wholesale within 50 miles of Portland
    Retail and Wholesale more than 50 miles from Portland
    Wholesale or large projects only – Regional
    Retail and Wholesale Seed – Regional

    Local Places to See Native Plants in Natural Settings