Our Weed Control Projects

When it comes to weed control, we recognize that you may need help. While we do not have the resources to control all of the invasive weeds on everyone’s property, we can lend a hand with certain weeds. With our weed control projects we tend to take a preventative approach, focusing on the invasive plants that are just beginning to get established, but are not everywhere yet.

For us to begin a control project, the weed must be a threat to streams or natural areas.¬†In some cases we will draw a “line in the sand” and attempt to stop the spread of a particular weed beyond this line. If the weed is spread by water, we focus our control efforts on the areas near streams. We are fortunate to be able to partner with other organizations and with private property owners on weed control. We couldn’t do it without this combined effort!¬†Follow the links in this section to find out about our weed control projects.


Contact Chris Aldassy at (503) 935-5372 or chris@emswcd.org.