Your Rural Home

Owning rural land can be a joy and a challenge. This section covers a few of the issues you deal with as a rural landowner.

In the septic & wells section, you will find ways to keep your systems in tip top shape. The Fire Prevention section describes ways you can manage your home and landscape to make it less susceptible to fire. It also includes a list of fire-resistant native plants for use in your landscape. In the Wildlife section you will find some tips on attracting the kind of wildlife you want, as well as what you can do to not attract the kind you don’t.


trees and sky

Other sections in the On Your Land portion of our website may also interest you!

  • Don’t miss the Weeds section for tips on identifying and reporting the newest weed threats.
  • The farm and forest land sections have helpful information for operations of every size.
  • For site specific recommendations for all of these topics, request a site visit from one of our knowledgeable staff here.