Naturescaping is the practice of using simple techniques that mimic nature so that your garden will thrive without using synthetic chemicals. This makes your yard a safe and healthy place for children, pets, and wildlife. A favorite practice for all levels of DIY landscapers and gardeners, Naturescaping saves time and money, inspires fresh ideas for your yard & garden, and makes your neighborhood that much more beautiful.

One of Naturescaping’s core practices is using plants native to your area, in this case the Willamette Valley and Oregon in general. Native plants are adapted to our soil and climate, so they need little to no watering, fertilizing, or care once established. They are also more resistant to common garden pests and diseases, and provide food and habitat for native birds and butterflies that ornamental plants do not.

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Naturescaping also saves you time and money!

  • Reduces the need for watering
  • Reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides
  • Requires less maintenance once established
  • A rain garden may qualify you for a discount on your stormwater bill
  • Click here for more tips and resources, including soil testing, tree care, and wildfire hazard maps.

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A Naturescaping Profile

Our Urban Lands team went out to interview Philip, an avid naturescaping enthusiast! Learn what Philip likes best about his naturescaped yard in this video.