Yard Tour 2016

Browse through our 2016 Yard Tour locations in this gallery! The tour will feature a diverse array of naturescaped yards: large and small, homes and school yards, brand new and a decade old! We have listed some highlights here. Each description below also has a downloadable plant list.

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Yard A

Yard A is demonstrates how gardeners can use their commitment and creativity to build a gorgeous garden themselves. Walk along curving paths that pass a mix of native shrubs, edible trees and active gathering spaces. A large circular brick patio, used for dinners and gatherings around a fire, is surrounded by lush native shrubs and groundcovers. There are also several bee hives stationed throughout the yard. Yard A Plant List

Yard B

Yard B is a great example of how a young yard can still pack lots of interest! A year ago this yard mostly consisted of tall lawn. Now the yard featured two rain gardens, three raised garden beds to grow lots of edibles, and great wildlife habitat features, including a bat house, mason bee houses, bird baths and bird houses. Yard B Plant List

Yard C

Yard C is a great example of how to efficiently plan a beautiful yard with shady conditions and limited space. This yard features more than 40 different species of native plants! The backyard includes two hand-built sheds, one of which has an eco-roof! Water that comes off of the eco-roof makes its way down a rain chain and into a bird bath. Yard C Plant List

Yard D

Yard D is a public school yard in NE Portland, which has been transformed into a natural oasis and educational area for students, with the help of incredible parents, volunteers, partner organizations and funders. The school is a recipient of EMSWCD’s Grants program. The school yard The school features large bioswales, a nature play area, amphitheater, rain garden and a series of raised beds used for food education classes! Yard D Plant List

Yard E

Yard E is young and demonstrates how much can be done in a short amount of time! The front yard features a large, thriving rain garden, where a concrete boat strip used to be. The rain garden that features a mix of water-loving grasses and flowering shrubs, and captures runoff from portions of the host’s and her neighbor’s roofs. The location also features plenty of pollinator habitat, raised garden beds and shade-loving shrubs in the backyard. Yard E Plant List

Yard F

Yard F is a public school yard which has been transformed into a natural/educational space through the hard work of staff, parents and partner organizations. What once was a wide lawn is now a multi-use garden teeming with wildlife and educational activities! The school is also a recipient of EMSWCD’s grants program. The naturescaped area features a large rain garden, several raised garden beds lined with a pollinator hedgerow, and an amphitheater. Yard F Plant List

Yard G

Yard G is a rain garden leader in Gresham: she built two rain gardens herself and inspired her neighbor to build one, too! This yard features both a well-established rain garden with a wooden bridge to cross it, and a newer rain garden in the back yard. Throughout the yard, visitors will see art and hand-built visual screens that add color and accents. Yard G Plant List

Yard H

Yard H is is an exceptional demonstration of how to use naturescaping techniques to create an active, beautiful and diverse landscape. This Gresham yard features over 90 native plant species! What began as an expanse of lawn and invasive vines has been transformed into a sanctuary for wildlife. The front yard features a pollinator meadowscape and a pond with a waterfall surrounded by native plants. The host is working in the backyard to remove vinca and blackberries, and create a healthy slope with native ferns, shrubs and groundcovers. Yard H Plant List