Yard Tour 2014

Browse through our 2014 Yard Tour locations in this gallery! The tour featured a diverse array of naturescaped yards: large and small, brand new and over 25 years old! We have listed some brief highlights here.

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Yard A

Yard A is dense with mixed native plants and features edible berries, thriving native willow trees, pollinator habitat and outdoor cooking area.

Yard B

Yard B is in its second year and showcases how to make the most of a small yard, featuring rain gardens, edible berries, native shrubs, and pollinator habitat.

Yard C

Yard C is a charming new yard that features bird and pollinator habitat, native shrubs and sedums, fruit trees, outdoor patio, and thriving rain garden.

Yard D

Yard D is an oasis set in a modestly sized lot and features a greenhouse, treehouse, pond, a variety of edible fruit trees, and a wealth of native shrubs and ground cover.

Yard E

Yard E comes with a wealth of experience and features over ten years of gardening work, a mix of edibles and natives, and a thriving bird habitat.

Yard F

Yard F packs a punch and features lots of outdoor activity areas for children and adults, chicken coop and run, intermixed edibles and natives, and clever storm water management.

Yard G

Yard G showcases how to create a front yard habitat and a backyard edible garden and features native shrubs, flowers, and bunch grasses, and outdoor eating area.

Yard H

Yard H is a DIY tour de force and features bird habitat, rain gardens, natives shrubs, evergreen trees, and edibles.