Naturescaped Yard Tour

Tour-goers visiting a yard in the 2014 Yard Tour

Our 2016 Yard Tour was a success! Several hundred attendees visited eight locations that featured naturescaped yards, including six residences and two schools that were EMSWCD grant recipients. Tremendous thanks to our eight terrific hosts, to all our hard-working volunteers and to everyone that participated! Stay tuned for more photos and highlights from the day of the tour.


Browse our Yard Tour gallery to see photos of the yards in the Tour and to download plant lists.

What is Yard Tour?

The Yard Tour typically takes place in late May or early June and showcases a variety of creative and colorful naturescaped yards and gardens. This self-guided tour is a unique opportunity to meet gardeners who have created low-maintenance landscapes that attract wildlife, conserve water, and have no need for synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.