Yard Tour 2015

Browse through our 2015 Yard Tour locations in this gallery! The tour featured naturescaped yards of all kinds: small and large, new, in progress and over 10 years old! We also list some brief highlights about each location.

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Yard A

Yard A is a thriving native habitat with wood-chipped pathways, hefty red-flowering currant and Douglas spirea shrubs.

Yard B

Yard B is a wonderful example of creatively mixing native plants with edibles In the front yard, a wood-chipped pathway meanders through fruit trees, berries, and native shrubs.

Yard C

Yard C offers an incredible variety of native plants and a creatively designed edible garden. Wrapping around a corner lot, this yard features evergreen trees and a sloped perimeter that is covered in native plants and ground covers.

Yard D

Yard D features flowering trees, a lightly terraced backyard, and a small piece of ecologically-friendly lawn that is surrounded by native shrubs and groundcovers.

Yard E

Yard E is a great example of combining habitat with spaces for outdoor entertainment. The front of the yard is terraced and features several bushy Oregon grape. The backyard offers a variety of younger native plants, including Western bleeding heart, fringe cup, maidenhair fern, and Solomon’s seal.

Yard F

Yard F is the landscaping at a church whose congregation’s goals is to find ways to work together to increase their role of leadership as environmental stewards within their community and neighborhood. The beautiful building is flanked by two large rain gardens that collect half of the church’s stormwater, allowing it to soak into the ground on site.

Yard G

Yard G displays a wonderful balance of native habitat, entertainment spaces, and edible garden beds all within a moderately sized yard. Visitors will see thriving plant communities with trillium nestled next to lady fern and salal.

Yard H

Yard H is on a corner lot with a massive Douglas fir and a beautiful mix of native shrubs. The parking strips, once covered in lawn, now feature native shrubs, herbs and even a native Garry oak.

Yard I

Yard I is a very unique stop, with a steep slope next to a wooded ravine in the backyard, a front yard pond that offers insect and amphibian habitat, and a front yard project where the lawn is being replaced by a dry river bed pathway through pollinator habitat!