Naturescaped Yard Tour

2020 Yard Tour goes online!

We’re changing things up this year! Instead of our usual yard-visiting tour, we are offering you all a chance to show us what’s going on in your landscapes. Share what environmentally-friendly practices and projects you are working on, see what others are doing in their space and get inspired to learn more.

The EMSWCD Virtual Yard Tour is a great opportunity to both share and explore creative naturescaped yards and gardens – all from the comfort of your home!

For example, you can share pictures and thoughts on:

  • Native plants as they start to leaf out and flower
  • How you’ve grouped your plants using “right plant, right place” (for example: sun-loving
    plants in sunny spots and water-loving plants in wet areas)
  • How you have created multiple canopy layers (trees, shrubs, groundcovers)
  • Rain gardens or other creative stormwater solutions
  • Ways you’re creating habitat for pollinators and other wildlife
  • Birdhouses or water features that invite birds to your yard
  • Natural ways you build healthy soil and get rid of pests without using synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or other pesticides
  • Lessons and tips you learned from our free workshops
  • Weeds and invasive plants you are working to remove without the use of synthetic chemicals
  • Stormwater issues such as flooding and erosion

Here’s how you can join in:

  1. Connect with us via one or all of our social media pages:
  2. Share photos, thoughts and comments as often as you like! (Please keep posts related to Multnomah County, Oregon and EMSWCD’s mission to help people care for land and water)
  3. If you have any questions about how to participate or about using social media, please contact us! You can reach Alex at

We are so excited to see everything you’re doing! So, don’t be shy – let’s share some landscaping joy with each other. This is an ongoing event; staff will be actively engaging with this online platform while the statewide Stay at Home Order is in effect, at least through June.