2007 Partners in Conservation Grants Awarded

Rigler School, $15,000 – Rigler Elementary School
Green Rigler Project

Build outdoor learning lab at Rigler Elementary School

Gresham Parks & Recreation, $15,000 – Kelley Creek, Gresham Natural Area
Kelley Creek Encroachment Medation Program

Outreach to neighbors of natural area, conduct restoration work

Columbia Slough Watershed Council, $5,188 – Whitaker Slough
Whitaker Slough Restoration and Stewardship Project

Outreach, restoration

Community Energy Project, $5,300 – Various throughout NE Portland
Outdoor Water Conservation Clinics


Western Invasive Plant Alliance, $12,935 – Wachclella, Wahkeena and Latourell Falls
Columbia River Gorge Noxious Weed Control

identify, remove, maintain weeds

SOLVE, $12,590 – Beaver Creek
Team Up: Beaver Creek


Beaumont-Wilshire Repair Team, $7,250 – Beaumont Middle School
Beaumont MS Learning Courtyard Project

conservation practices

Peninsula Drainage District #2, $15,000 – Children’s Arboretum
Columbia Children’s Arboretum project

(Children’s Arboretum) replace 2 culverts with pedestrian bridges; revegetation; trails; interpretive signs