Brush Mower for Rent

brush mower

Need a compact, highly maneuverable walk-behind brush mower? The EMSWCD sponsored brush mower can be inspected/rented at the United Rentals office at 5413 NE Columbia Blvd.

This unit is an outstanding alternative for no-herbicide sites, maintaining tree and shrub plantings, and reducing wildfire hazards. Please feel free to call Jeremy at (503) 935-5361 for operation tips or for a free site visit to assess options and potential solutions to invasives and brush issues.

The weight of the mower is approx. 450 lbs, yet its power steering, turning, and brakes allow it to turn 180 degrees in its own length. The BCS unit is narrow for tight quarters with a low center of gravity for slopes; it has large drive wheels which provide outstanding traction to avoid getting stuck and high ground clearance for clambering over rough ground/debris.

The BCS brush mower is not a bulldozer; it will not knock down 10 foot high old growth Himalayan blackberry vines, nor will it grind stumps, chip logs, or climb cliffs; it is at its best on sites where heavy clearing has already been done by heavy equipment/hand labor and the brush mower is used to manage re-growth. The tractor itself is very stable, provided that the operator exercises common sense judgment around holes, loose soils, rocks, roots, stumps, and debris, all of which can affect tractor stability on slopes.

Rental Prices from United Rentals:
  • 4 Hour rental: $70.00
  • 24 Hour rental: $89.00
  • Friday evening to Monday morning: $89.00
  • 8′ Loading Ramps: $7.50
    (for load/unload from pick-up truck)
  • Small trailer: $16.00 per day
    (for hauling mower behind tow vehicle)