Glenn Otto Park Earth Day Clean Up

volunteers pause for a group picture

2012 SPACE GRANT,  $1,500

Named for the dedicated mayor and state legislator who facilitated the purchase of Troutdale’s first park, Glenn Otto is the most heavily used public natural area in the City. The six acre property, nestled between the Sandy River on the east and Beaver Creek on the west, hums year round with river-centric activities. Although the cans, bottles, and other garbage from the heavy use impair the landscape, the real menace to the natural area is the weeds. Invasive species such as Garlic Mustard, English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry choke out native plants and contribute to erosion of banks of the Sandy River and Beaver Creek.

The City of Troutdale joined forces with SOLVE in April, 2012 for an annual clean up of this community treasure and to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day. Seventy volunteers attended this event, removing 8,875 square feet of invasive weeds and replacing them with 85 trees and plants native to the area. A weed identification table was set up to help educate the volunteers on the the harmful impacts of the invasive plants. EMSWCD provided a SPACE grant to purchase the plants and tools, pay for staff time of the park employees, and to provide one huge barbeque at the end of the event. Because, after all, Earth Day is about celebration and service. Mr. Otto, a man dedicated to civic engagement, would be proud.

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