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Pride & Joy Landscapes LLC
Expert consultation and sustainable garden designs. We emphasize permaculture methodologies, native plants and biodiversity. Unearth your secret garden!
City: Portland
State: OR
Zip: 97218
Phone Number: 503-395-7880
Sustainable Landscape Design: Homesteads and Habitats
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Zip: 97217
Phone Number: (503) 956-0152
Stamberger Consulting provides on-site consultations and step-by-step plans for creating naturally healthy, environmentally friendly lawns and gardens with lower maintenance needs. Let us do the research, planning and trouble-shooting so you can spend more time in the garden! Our staff have years of local experience designing, installing and teaching sustainable landscaping techniques. We specialize in: Rain gardens and downspout disconnection plans Drainage and erosion solutions Backyard wildlife habitat Native and drought-tolerant landscapes Non-toxic gardening Low-maintenance,or eco-lawns Organic vegetable gardening Public demonstration gardens Contact us for more information! 503-849-8566 or Jamie@StambergerOutreach.com
City: Portland Metro Area
Zip: N/A
Phone Number: 503-489-8566