Equity-focused evaluation of the PIC grant program

A new report on our equity initiatives is now available!

EMSWCD recently conducted an evaluation of the Partners in Conservation (PIC) grant program focused on our efforts to address equity through the grant funding we provide to local organizations. The evaluation was conducted by an independent consultant. We are pleased to share the final report: “EMSWCD Partners in Conservation (PIC) Grants Program Evaluation Report” by Jamie Stamberger, which can be found here. This report is the product of an online survey and interviews that were conducted in spring of 2021 with the participation of recent PIC grantees and other partners.

The data, findings and recommendations provide EMSWCD with a great deal of valuable information as we consider changes to our Grants Program and begin a new round of strategic planning for the organization. It’s clear that the powerful messages coming out of the report reflect the very honest and thoughtful insights that were shared with our consultant. EMSWCD is committed to acting on lessons drawn from the study. We are pleased to announce that at their last meeting (October 2021), the EMSWCD Board approved some initial changes recommended in the report: providing upfront grant payments and eliminating the match requirements for certain organizations. These changes will be implemented for the upcoming 2022 PIC grant cycle.

Thank you again to those who participated in this important evaluation work. We will keep you informed of additional steps we are taking to improve our Grants Program and better serve our diverse constituency.

Download the report here.

Note: Since this report was conducted by an external contractor and is not Board approved, EMSWCD must provide a standard disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect those of the EMSWCD Board and staff.