2007 SPACE Grants

City Repair Project, $1000 – Northeast Portland
Earth Day Celebration

To support a Woodlawn Park communinty festival and celebration in honor of Earth Day.

Coalition of Clean Water Festival Partners, $1000 – PCC Sylvania campus
Children’s Clean Water Festival

Water resource education event

Growing Gardens, $1000 – East Portland
Learn & Grow workshops

To hold gardening workshops in East Portland.

Hacienda Community Development Corporation, $1000 – Northeast Portland
Villa de Clara Vista community plaza improvement project

To create a community garden in plaza and courtyard of Villa de Clara Vista, a low-income housing appartment in the Cully Neighborhood.

Johnson Creek Watershed Council, $1000 – Southeast Portland
Foster Place Riparian Restoration Project

To fund ivy removal and assist with hiring an AmeriCorps field team.

Johnson Creek Watershed Council, $1000 – SE Portland, East Portland and Gresham
Watershed Wide Event 2/07

To fund a tree planting, removal of invasive weeds and trash throughout Johnson Creek.

Marion Soil and Water Conservation District, $50

To support a statewide high-school competition to promote conservaton education.

Menucha Retreat and Conference Center, $1000 – Columbia Gorge
Garlic mustard control

To support the removal and control of Garlic Mustard.

Reynolds Middle School, $700 – Fairview
Reynolds Middle School Water Festival

To support the Water Festival, an educational event for students and their families.

West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, $500 – RAP Camp, Klamath County
Resource and People Camp Video and Outreach Project

To support outreach to schools and develop environmental education DVD.

World Forestry Center, $1000 – World Forestry Center
Arbor Week kick-off

To fun community education event for Arbor Week.