Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design

Name: Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design

We are a deep-green and vegan company that provides expertise in outdoor living space solutions for residential and business clients. This includes site analysis, hardscape feature and planting design, and edible landscaping, storm water, and wildlife-enhancement techniques to improve clients’ environmental impact, resiliency, and ability to maximize property resource availability. We cater to the green market, including small businesses, homeowners, property managers, and non-profit groups and centers. We are established in a dedicated office room in the proprietor’s home in in the heart of the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. A green center in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is home to hundreds of sustainable businesses and a vibrant green movement.

Address: 350 N.E. 60th Ave
City: Portland
State: OR
Zip: 97213
Phone Number: 503-935-7681