Healing Hooves, LLC

Healing Hooves, LLC
Name: Healing Hooves, LLC

Healing Hooves has worked on diverse range of projects over the last 14 years. We have worked for many different clients in urban and rural settings: a golf course within the city limits of Bellevue, WA, a business park in Hillsboro, OR, and park departments in Forest Park, WA, Fairview and Gladstone, OR as well as homeowner associations, private landowners and city, county, state and federal agencies.

Healing Hooves provides on site management of the goats to insure a successful project. The goats are contained within portable electric fencing. The fencing keeps the goats in the right locations and provides protection from predators as well as other potential dangers. The on site manager also interacts with the public to answer questions and to manage any situations that might arise during the project.

Craig Madsen, owner, has over 25 years experience working on range and pasture management issues. Craig and Sue Lani, his wife, started Healing Hooves in 2002 and have created a successful vegetation management business over the last 14 years. Craig’s past work experience includes working as a Range Management Specialist with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service for 14 years,. Craig is also a certified educator in Holistic Management™ through the Savory Institute. He provides training in the Holistic Management decision making framework which includes training grazing planning, financial planning, land planning and ecological monitoring.

Address: PO Box 148
City: Edwall
State: Washington
Zip: 99008
Phone Number: 509-990-7132
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