Indian plum (Oemleria cerasiformis)
Oemleria cerasiformis

Osoberry is a fast-growing, multi-stemmed shrub to small tree with reddish to purplish-brown bark. In open sunny locations it may form a dense shrub, while in the shade it becomes more open to sprawling. This is one of our earliest flowering native shrubs, and its slender, lime-green leaves are one of the first signs that spring is on the way!

This woodland plant does best in moist areas with dappled shade, and can tolerate many soil types, including heavy clay.

In the early spring, both male and female osoberries produce dangling clumps of whitish flowers. Female plants will then produce small hard berries towards the end of summer (male plants produce no fruit). The fruit is peach-colored early in the season, maturing to blue-black in the fall, and is a favorite of many birds and small mammals. Osoberry also serves as a host for several caterpillar species, and the flowers are a source of nectar for butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators, making this an excellent wildlife plant.

  • Light Requirements: Full Sun, Part Shade, Full Shade
  • Water Requirements: Dry, Moist
  • Ease of Growing: Easy to grow
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Spreads: No
  • Wildlife Support: Birds or Mammals
  • Fire-resistant: Yes
  • Edible: Yes
  • Mature Height: 15ft
  • Mature Width:5-10ft