Here are some testimonials from people who have signed up for our Streamcare program!

Helping to get rid of invasive plants

“When Lucas Nipp approached me with the offer to attend to some of the problems on my property bordering Beaver Creek with the services of EMSWCD, I was enthusiastic. (At eighty-one, my own large garden offered difficult challenges.) I gratefully gave him permission. The result of his and his crew’s work has been impressive – not only in terms of broad environmental issues – but also in my particular case getting rid of the expanding infestation of blackberries and the removal of other undesirable plants. Now starts of native evergreens and deciduous trees in areas cleared of the mess left by aggressive plants provide a present and ever-maturing improvement. The planning and the execution of the project, including follow-up maintenance, is satisfying and successful. I feel very fortunate.

“I’d like to add that Lucas has kept me well informed of their dedicated progress, earning my warm recommendation and praise for his and his crew’s valuable work.”

– Raymond Nelson

Bringing back fish and wildlife

“The StreamCare program has been amazing at enhancing the wildlife on my property, providing well planned out tree and plant locations, protecting my property from erosion, and restoring the stream bed. All of this increases my property value. The people doing the work have always been very respectful and nonintrusive and have always worked to help me manage my animals and protect the creek. I see no reason, from my experience, to turn down so much help beautifying my property.”

– Andrew Collmer

“I have owned my farm since 1985. Beavercreek runs directly through it. It has always seemed like a dead creek. I have heard stories that years ago it was thriving with fish. I think that all landowners along the creek should use the StreamCare program. It’s free and beneficial to the fish population and the wildlife.”

– Eric Cothrell

“I am very appreciative of the care and assistance given by the East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District in the restoration of the segment of Johnson Creek which bisects our property. Their professional guidance, informed instruction, and direct assistance in the obtaining of native plants and in restricting the spread of invasivespecies has transformed our section of the stream into a much more rich and balanced ecological environment. And we have the birds to show it… This is a superb program.”

-Lou Foltz

From skeptical to amazed

“When I got the mailer from StreamCare I was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true – nothing is free anymore. I thought, “There has to be a catch.” I put the mailer in my recycling even though I really wanted to call. One month later Aaron came to the door and asked if I got the mailer and explained exactly how the program works. I said yes after speaking with him and from that point one year ago until today, I am AMAZED and could not be happier at the results. Aaron has kept me informed on the process and when the crew comes Aaron oversees it all. We do not have to do anything. They clean everything up when they are finished. I would recommend this program to everyone that is eligible. It truly is free and we just watch the beauty of nature grow. Thank you, Aaron, for explaining it so well to us. If I had to rate from 1 to 10, it would be a 10.”

– Jamie Van Zanten

“I will be absolutely honest and tell you that at first I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. It has turned into a win/win situation. Not only have I been able to help the environment, but I have gotten the personal benefit of beautifying my property. I had an acre of useless land – so overgrown with blackberries that I could not see through it. It is now not only useful but enjoyable to look at due to all of the clearing and planting. The team has been knowledgeable, effective, and courteous. Let me take this opportunity to wholeheartedly tell you that this is an amazing program.”

– Dwight and Teresa Meisner

Protecting the creek

“My family and I have lived in East Multnomah County for over 30 years. For the last 11 years we have lived on five acres off Lusted Rd. We are fortunate to have Beaver Creek run through the back portion of our property. I was contacted by Lucas Nipp with the East Multnomah. Soil and Water Conservation District about participating in a creek enhancement program called StreamCare. Lucas was very thorough in explaining the program and after reading all the supplied info, I agreed to sign up. I agreed in part because the program mirrors my beliefs in how my property should be managed. I believe with the ownership of special property like ours, comes with the responsibility to care for it in a comprehensive way. This program helps me obtain my vision and at the same time improve the overall quality of Beaver Creek.

“Lucas and his crew were very professional in their work. They showed up when they were scheduled, performed their work unobtrusively, and followed up in accordance with the agreement. I would highly recommend the StreamCare program to any landowner who would like to improve the quality of a river or creek on their property.”

– Sara and Peter Benfit

“Along Beavercreek, on the north side of our pastures, the invasive weeds are cleared and new plants take root to shade and cool the stream and stabilize the banks. A big thank you to the Lucas, Julie and the staff at EMSWCD who quickly and efficiently began the restoration of our creekside, a job we’ve never been able to accomplish alone. It hasn’t cost us a cent, and they will work with us until things can stand on their own. We hope our neighbors who share stewardship with this and other streams will accept the caring, helping and strong hands these folks extend.”

– Nicki & Bill Meyers

“As nursery growers, we are concerned about stopping soil erosion from our fields. Prior to working with EMSWCD’s StreamCare program, we did not know the best management practice for our non-crop wetland areas. Our wetland areas were overgrown with Himalayan blackberries and reed canary grass which did not provide shade to the stream. The EMSWCD’s StreamCare project has created a healthy buffer of native plants along our wetland areas. We had project concerns about our farm drain tile outlets and how they would be affected by the new streamside plantings. The project was modified to fully address our concerns. We received technical assistance, weed control, native tree planting, and site maintenance which will result in improved water quality in our stream for years to come. Thank you for all your hard work in the success of this project!”

– Graham Anderson, Surface Nursery

A learning opportunity

Penny Frisk’s class helps pull invasive English ivy at the school’s Stream Care site.

“The Stream Care project is proving to be a great learning opportunity for my students at West Orient Middle School. We get to work along with the EMSWCD to improve the stream that runs right through our school property. Students have learned to identify and remove invasive plants. They are also learning to work together as well as becoming contributing members of their community.”

– Penny Frisk, Teacher, West Orient Middle School

An outstanding program

“EMSWCD staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and keep us apprised of upcoming interventions (cutting, spraying, planting, and reassessing). Several times a year, we first are notified by email (or phone, if you prefer) that the team will be coming in to work. We are always pleased with the work that has been done, the progress they have made in removing invasive plant species, planting natives, and supporting bank sides. They provide everything needed to restore the area that is determined between landowner and EMSWCD. They also will assist the landowner in any way they can (lots of support and expertise in the department) to restore other parts of the owners property if desired.

“I am most appreciative of their ongoing communication and keeping us informed as to status, upcoming work, and future plans. As I drive around, it is easy to see the work and success the EMSWCD has had along creeks of the area to restore natives and clear invasive plants to promote healthier waterways and tributaries.

“It is an outstanding program doing critical work that supports the health of our streams and waterways. We are glad to be participating in this effort.”

– R & K Shaver