Program Benefits

Mainstem orchard apple trees

“I was excited to have an opportunity to ensure farming would continue on the property, and that the transaction could help grow the next generation of farmers.”
-Hank Mishima, program participant

Participants in the program may qualify for some or all of the following incentives:

  • A competitive cash payment for the sale of a working farmland easement or a property.
  • Possible income and estate tax benefits for a donation or sale at less than full market value. A 100% income tax deduction is available to farmers who convey a perpetual working farmland easement for less than full market value. Learn more here.
  • Possible incentive payments for soil and water practices.
  • Possible investments in the infrastructure of your farm or additional incentive payments for certain soil and water practices.
  • Working farmland easements may reduce financial and tax burdens for the next generation, making it easier to keep farms in the family.
  • A commitment from EMSWCD to ensure the property remains a working farm.
  • Possible site operations guidance from the professionals at EMSWCD.

What are the possible benefits that will be offered to you? Offers are based upon an appraisal conducted by an independent third party as well as the financial capacity of EMSWCD. Contact Matt Shipkey, our Land Legacy Program Manager, to learn more about the specific benefits you may qualify to receive. You can reach Matt at (503) 935-5374 or