Headwaters Farm Property

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Rows of crops and flowers at Headwaters Farm

This 60-acre property – situated close to dense urban development – was listed for sale in 2012. In order to ensure a future for farming on this property, EMSWCD acquired the property. Given the proximity of the property to urban markets and other infrastructure, EMSWCD created our nationally known and respected Headwaters Farm Incubator Program on the property. Substantial investments were also made in improving and enhancing areas along the north fork of Johnson Creek, known as the Dianna Pope Natural Area.

Headwaters Addition

This one acre property was acquired by EMSWCD in 2017. While small, the property offers exciting opportunities to extend the programming and visibility of the Headwaters Farm Incubator Program, which this property directly adjoins.

Please note that because these properties are both part of a working farm, public access is not currently permitted without the prior permission of EMSWCD.

Are you a farmer or landowner interested in learning more? Visit our Landowner Options page or contact Matt Shipkey, our Land Legacy Program Manager at (503) 935-5374 or matt@emswcd.org.