Just mucked out the goat barn (SE Portland)

Hi. We are The Belmont Goats, an urban goat herd in Portland. We just finally mucked out our goat barn (we were overdue), and subject to staff scheduling, you now can make an appointment to pick up some of the results.

Our muck is a combination of bedding straw and goat manure, and due to the way we filled our compost bin the various layers are pretty much mixed together.

We do have a couple of pitchforks but only one wheelbarrow. We have no containers available; you will have to bring your own. You cannot drive all the way onto our site; hauling must be done via wheelbarrow through a walk gate. There is no access until and unless you schedule in advance, as the site is not staffed all day.

You can schedule via email but using our booking site is better for us because all our volunteer staff will see requests sent through that site.

Visit the Belmont Goats booking site here.

Contact: The Belmont Goats
Location: Portland, 97266
Delivery: You load. You haul.

Email us

Phone (971) 301-4628Hover over the text for the number. Booking form preferred.