Maps and tools

abstract map of East Multnomah

This section contains links to useful mapping tools, including maps specific to our District, as well as useful online tools.


  • CLF Equity Atlas 2 Mapping Tool – The Coalition for a Livable Future (Main website) has a powerful mapping tool available on their website, which you can use to “investigate specific issues and geographic areas by selecting the data you want to map from a menu.” You can create maps of demographic data, measures of access to key opportunities such as nearby parks and public transportation, and health outcome measures, as well as view pre-built “scenario” maps.
  • Comprehensive Plan Map App – This online tool from Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability features interactive map layers such as city greenway, stormwater and demographic layers.
  • City of Gresham Maps – The City of Gresham website features several interactive maps, including park, bike and habitat conservation area maps!
  • Portland Maps – The City of Portland’s comprehensive mapping tool, with the ability to look up specific information by address or area. Besides public information such as infrastructure, amenity and transportation maps, there are useful maps with information on natural resources, stormwater management and incentives, and our watersheds. Among these, you can find useful information on how well soil in your area drains, a useful indicator for building a rain garden!
  • OWEB GIS Map Resources – a page full of useful interactive GIS maps (GIS stands for geographic information system. GIS is a system for storing, capturing, manipulating and managing spatial or geographical data.) from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB), including watershed council, watershed restoration maps and wildlife habitat maps.
  • Google Earth – useful for planning your project, creating 3D mockups or creating custom maps with your data.


  • EPA National Stormwater Calculator – This incredibly useful tool from the EPA allows you to find out how much rainfall, stormwater runoff and soil drainage to expect on your property. You can even enter information on how you are managing stormwater on your site (or plan to), including such controls as rain gardens, porous pavement and green roofs!
  • National Tree Benefit Calculator – use this calculator to estimate the benefits street-side trees provide, to get an understanding of the environmental and economic value your trees provide on an annual basis.
  • Fieldprint Calculator – “a free and confidential tool…allows growers to better understand and communicate how management choices affect overall sustainability performance and operational efficiency.” This tool can calculate irrigation water use, water quality and soil carbon, among other factors.