Land Conservation

What happens on the land touches all of us, from the food we eat to the water we drink. Our highly productive agricultural soils and vital natural resource lands provide many environmental, economic and social benefits for the greater good.

Our land conservation program helps to protect highly productive agricultural soils and vital natural resource lands for future generations. We provide landowners with the resources and information to make the best decisions for their lands and families.

For farmers, we believe that keeping farmland in production has important benefits for society and our valuable soil and water resources. We can assist you in designing a farm protection plan that fits your unique circumstances and keeps your farm farming.

We are very fortunate to have natural areas to visit, recreate and restore ourselves. These lands contain vital natural plant and animal habitats, streams and wetlands, endangered species and open space areas to have a picnic. We partner with individuals and organizations to protect special natural lands. In the urban area where it may be more difficult to find a peaceful green spot, we’ll help local groups make open space more available and accessible for underserved members of our community.

Our Program

Read the Board resolution authorizing the Land Conservation program.

Where We Work

Learn about the project area we work in.

If land is part of your legacy, we want to assist you in finding solutions to achieve lasting security for your lands, provide you with information related to estate planning for you and your heirs, while at the same time protecting important conservation values. We can offer you options for your land that may not be available from individuals.

Every property and every landowner is different. We will assist you in finding solutions to the long-term protection of your most enduring asset, the land.


We also support certain land conservation and community-driven projects through grant funding, technical assistance and other resources. Please view our grants programs section and contact staff to see if a potential project meshes with our guidelines.