Foltz Property

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An aerial view of restoration efforts along Johnson Creek on the property

An aerial view of restoration efforts along Johnson Creek on the property

In 2020, EMSWCD and Lou Foltz entered into a conservation easement to ensure that the natural and agricultural resource values of this 16-acre property will be protected forever. This easement – which the landowner generously conveyed at no cost to EMSWCD – will ensure portions of the property always remain available for agricultural use. The easement also ensures that the collaborative habitat restoration work that has been happening on the property adjacent to Johnson Creek will be protected and can continue into the future.

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Please note that because the property is in private ownership, no public access is permitted.

“I’m pleased that we are restoring a variety of flora on the property while also maintaining the ability to designate a portion of it for farming,” said landowner Louis Foltz. “I’ve been partnering with the conservation district for many years to ensure that this acreage is a healthy environment for fish and wildlife, while contributing to a clean water environment in Johnson Creek. This relationship will allow future landowners to sustain the habitat while simultaneously providing an option for some farming.”