322nd Avenue Farm

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the sun rises over trees bordering a farm plot where grass seed is being grown. Clear sunburst lines are prominent from the sunrise

Sunrise over the grass seed crop at 322nd Avenue Farm

This 20-acre farm property was permanently protected with a working farmland easement in the summer of 2020. The purchase of a working farmland easement on this property – owned by a long-standing commercial nursery farmer – provided capital to the farmer for farm operations investments.

The working farmland easement requires that the property remain in sustainable active agricultural use in perpetuity. The easement also helps tackle the growing issue of farmland affordability by prohibiting the construction of any residence on the farm.

Please note that because the property is a working farm and is in private ownership, public access is not permitted.

Are you a farmer or landowner interested in learning more? Visit our Landowner Options page or contact Matt Shipkey, our Land Legacy Program Manager at (503) 935-5374 or matt@emswcd.org.