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Mountain of aged and some new manure waiting for you

We are a large horse boarding facility and have a mountain of manure, enough for a large nursery, that needs to find a new home. There is some newer manure and shavings on top, but there also is a lot of well-fermented compost that is 6-8+ years old that is almost black.

We can load with our tractor. The more you can take the better.

If you are a nursery and need a large amount (hopefully all of it), there is plenty of room for commercial size trucks and backhoes and any other loader you may want to bring to load it all.
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Horse Manure FREE

We have tons of fresh and composted horse manure from a large horse facility in Vancouver. Quick access to 205. We do not have equipment to load for you at this time, but welcome to bring your own equipment. Manure is mixed with either shavings or dissolved bedding pellets. Take as much as you want, free. Read more

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