Incubator Application

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Find everything you need to apply for the Headwaters Incubator Program here. Sample application materials are available below. Headwaters is currently pausing its application process for one year.

Update: One-year pause on accepting new farms to Headwaters Incubator Program

The Headwaters Incubator Program will be taking a one-year break from bringing in new farm businesses. We will use this time to focus on supporting our current cohort of farmers, to take a close look at the services and resources we provide program participants, and to build out various components of the program. We look forward to opening up the application process again in October, 2022.

Contact Rowan Steele, Headwaters Farm Program Manager with any questions at or (503) 935-5355.

To Apply

While we are currently not accepting applicants for the next growing season, here is information on how to apply for 2023. There are three items that need to be included in the application packet. They include:

PDF versions or hard copies of the Farm Incubator application and Farm Business Plan documents are also available upon request.

All applicants should review all of the Incubator Program Information.

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EMSWCD values diversity and equity within our incubator program. We encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds and traditionally underserved communities to apply.

It is recommended that all potential applicants review the requirements for the Farm Business Plan. The Farm Business Plan is a critical piece for demonstrating the viability of one’s proposed business, so make sure to give yourself sufficient time to draft a quality plan. The strongest incubator program candidates are those that have fully committed to their prospective farm business and have thoughtfully planned for items noted in the Farm Business Plan.