Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC

Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC
Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC

Drawing on over 20 years of restoration experience, Ash Creek implements restoration, landscaping, invasive weed control, and reforestation projects throughout the Willamette Valley. As the metro area grows, urban landscapes are becoming increasingly important as habitat stepping stones between parks and natural areas. Through naturescaping, we integrate human spaces with habitat for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife.

In a region treasured for its natural beauty, landscapers should use native species to design gardens that work with our unique climate, but too often we default to plants and design sensibilities inherited from other parts of the world. Ash Creek is closing the gap between urban spaces and nature by creating beautiful, usable native plant landscapes. We specialize in affordable, drought-tolerant, and edible landscapes as well as rain gardens and invasive species removal.

By choosing Ash Creek for your landscape, you are supporting a local small business and B-corp that guarantees its employees full-time, family-wage work and benefits. At Ash Creek we are passionate about nature, science and innovation and will create a landscape that meets your needs and those of wildlife. Ash Creek Forest Management is a licensed and bonded design and build firm, LCB #9432.

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