Small area beauty

“The beauty that can be created in such a small area that not only attracts animals and insects but is much more water wise and more fun to work with than a lawn.”
-on Yard Tour

About inspiration

“It was really about inspiration for me. I felt that I had reached the end of my gardening possibilities and this gave me new inspiration. I also got to see more mature versions of some of the plants I have.”
-on Yard Tour

Reluctant lawn

“I have been reluctant to get rid of my lawn, as I fear that planting things all over my yard may appear trashy. I saw some very good examples of yards with no lawn at all in front, and I am a little more inspired to go ahead and do it.”
-on Yard Tour

Right plant, right place

“Love seeing how people incorporate all the ideals of saving water, using native plants, right plant and right place, fun and interesting yards.”
-on Yard Tour

Cool and airy

“I loved the way most of the yards had a cool and airy feeling even on that hot day. It felt like you could pull up a chair and sit down anywhere and not be baking in the sun.”
-on Yard Tour

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