Important slope

One of the things I didn’t anticipate the importance of was slope in the garden. After excavation of the first rain, I had to reposition rocks and various mulch pieces to allow better flow of the water into the garden.

Conversation starter

Great stimulator of neighborhood conversation! Our neighbors have admittedly loved watching our front yard transform after some initial skepticism.

Great learning opportunity

“The StreamCare project is proving to be a great learning opportunity for my students at West Orient Middle School. We get to work along with the EMSWCD to improve the stream that runs right through our school property.” -on StreamCare program

Useful and enjoyable

“It is now not only useful but enjoyable to look at due to all of the clearing and planting. The team has been knowledgeable, effective, and courteous. Let me take this opportunity to wholeheartedly tell you that this is an amazing program.” -on StreamCare program

Free and beneficial to fish

“I think that all landowners along the creek should use the StreamCare program. It’s free and beneficial to the fish population and the wildlife.”
-on StreamCare program

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