Yard Tour Lush Gardens

“I loved that the gardens were so lush and that the lawns had been transformed. It was amazing how the spaces were used, whether large or small, sloped or flat.”
-on Yard Tour

StreamCare on time

“They showed up when they were scheduled, performed their work unobtrusively, and followed up in accordance with the agreement. I would highly recommend the StreamCare program to any landowner who would like to improve the quality of a river or creek on their property.”
-Sarah and Peter Benfit
on Streamcare program

Yard work

“When people think about yard work, they think it’s really hard, but when you are working with classmates, it gets done so much faster and didn’t seem as difficult. It helped me realize that teamwork is a lot easier than doing it by myself. The project helped us bond together as friends and I’m glad for that.” -Missy, 12th Grade
Alpha Native Project

StreamCare enhances wildlife

The StreamCare program has been amazing at enhancing the wildlife on my property, providing well planned out tree and plant locations, protecting my property from erosion, and restoring the stream bed. All of this increases my property value. -Andrew Collmer
on StreamCare program

Learning to identify native plants

“It is a cool project that taught us how to identify native plants in a small area next to our school so that when we go on hikes we can already identify a lot of them on our own. Being able to learn about native plants is a skill I’m glad I’ve learned because I can share it with my friends.” – Jory, 12th grade

Gardening restoration

“I just came to this class to accompany my wife. She’s the gardener in the family. I had no idea that gardening could play such an important role in watershed restoration!” -husband attending a
rain garden class with his wife

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