Reluctant lawn

“I have been reluctant to get rid of my lawn, as I fear that planting things all over my yard may appear trashy. I saw some very good examples of yards with no lawn at all in front, and I am a little more inspired to go ahead and do it.”
-on Yard Tour

Right plant, right place

“Love seeing how people incorporate all the ideals of saving water, using native plants, right plant and right place, fun and interesting yards.”
-on Yard Tour

Cool and airy

“I loved the way most of the yards had a cool and airy feeling even on that hot day. It felt like you could pull up a chair and sit down anywhere and not be baking in the sun.”
-on Yard Tour

Inspiring gardens

“It is always far more instructive (and inspiring) to visit gardens in person rather than view photos online or in books. It is even more so when the gardens are in the exact same climate.”
-on Yard Tour

Unique problem-solving

“I’m learning that what I see as a obstacle or problem area in my yard, others have created something unique with the same area.”
-on Yard Tour

Yard Tour Variety

“I loved the variety of styles of naturescaping – from overgrown edible maze to peaceful tea garden to formal manicured naturescape.”
-on Yard Tour

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