Jon Wagner

Jon Wagner

Pronouns: he/him

Jon joined EMSWCD in 2012 and works on a variety of projects to protect and create healthy habitats and waterways. Jon has background in wildlife biology, with 15 years of experience in the field, and he loves being outdoors working to protect native plants and animals. Jon has a BA in biology from Earlham College and a Master’s Certificate in Science Illustration from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Jon works with partner organizations and landowners throughout the region to plan, coordinate and implement large-scale control efforts for invasive weeds such as garlic mustard, knotweed, English ivy, and clematis. Jon manages water quality monitoring projects for rural streams to ensure that they are healthy and free of sediment and pollution. He gives educational presentations on rural weeds, native plants, and creating wildlife habitat. He is also an in-house illustrator for EMSWCD, and he works with staff and partners to create engaging outreach materials that tell the story of conservation in new and exciting ways.

Jon serves on EMSWCD’s staff-led Equity Team, which works to elevate EMSWCD’s awareness, sensitivity, and response to the equity concerns of our communities related to natural resource management and environmental justice. Reach out to Jon with questions or concerns about our equity work.

Call me about: Weeds, wildlife and water quality.