Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker

Pronouns: he/him

Jeremy has 21 years of experience in natural resources management and farm planning throughout the Lower Willamette Basin. Having stops in Polk, Marion and Clackamas Counties throughout his career, he has amassed a great deal of experience in assessing and treating a broad range of natural resource concerns including:

  • mud and manure management
  • pasture and grazing management
  • cropping systems and soil health
  • irrigation water management
  • erosion control
  • weed management
  • streambank stabilization
  • rainwater harvesting

He is a graduate of Oregon State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in International Natural Resources and a minor in Spanish.

Jeremy serves on EMSWCD’s staff-led Equity Team, which works to elevate EMSWCD’s awareness, sensitivity, and response to the equity concerns of our communities related to natural resource management and environmental justice. Reach out to Jeremy with questions or concerns about our equity work.

Como otros aquí en EMSWCD, el también habla español.