Activity Report for the Period 5/14/2018 – 5/25/2018

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Jay Udelhoven
  • External Engagement: Hosted watershed councils for a Strategic Partnership (SPA) meeting to discuss Year 3, 4, and 5 projects, and to sign the SPA amendment; prepared for and participated in Oregon Agriculture Heritage Commission meeting; planned for and participated in collaboration meeting of the Lower Willamette Basin SWCDs.
  • Boards/Committees: Finalized Zone 1 Director position announcement and sent announcement to ~200 land owners; participated in the Land Legacy Committee meeting; prepped for June Board meeting.
  • Policies/Planning/Budgeting: Planned for and presented at the Tax Supervising and Conservation Committee (TSCC) FY18-19 Budget Hearing during which the TSCC approved our budget; worked on drafts of the new strategic plan, equity plan, and marketing plan.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Met with staff 1x1, F&O team, and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Evaluate Oxbow Farm offers.
  • External Engagement: Meet with Kim Peoples of Multnomah County to introduce EMSWCD and discuss restoration permitting requirements.
  • Boards/Committees: Prepare for and host June Board meeting; prepare for June Personnel Committee meeting.
  • Policies/Planning/Budgeting: Prepare final draft of new personnel policies.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Meet with CEI and Board Director Masterson to discuss equity training progress; meet with staff 1x1, F&O team, and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Meet with New Island Capital to discuss future collaboration possibilities in placing new farmers on farmland within the district; as time allows, complete Fleet Roles & Responsibilities and Marketing Roles & Responsibilities.
Program Supervision / Finance & Budget Lissa Adams
  • Lissa was out of office for most this reporting period and unable to submit a report.
Office Management Lindsay Nelson
  • I processed bills/invoices to be paid, sent out checks to various vendors. Processed open enrollment paperwork for benefits.
  • Continued to send out job announcements and posted to Indeed, Mac's List, and Craigslist.
  • Finished Board meeting & Budget Committee minutes for May, 2018. Started distribution process for Zone 1 Director position.
  • Did an inventory of branded gear and created a check out list.
  • Spent a few hours with Ken from TeamLogic to figure out our projector and conferencing system. Spent some time troubleshooting phone issue for Jeremy. Spent some time troubleshooting our energy bills.
  • Spent a few hours on Equity homework assigned by CEI from the Reframing Racism workshop.
  • Spent some time organizing and researching the 2018 SDIS Best Practices program, and met with Scot to discuss the program.
Facilities Management Scot Wood
  • We seem to have (or have had) a rodent issue around the office. By the first week of setting out traps we managed to eliminate four rats. Hopefully that will be the end of our rodent issue.
  • I have been working on getting the last of the trellis systems installed in the hoop houses at Headwaters.
  • I worked with Rowan and Stuart to clear out the remaining arborvitae on the new property in advance of Stuart disking for lime to be spread and turned in.
  • I met with Matt to go over the home inspection report and determine the next steps with, if any, repairs that will need to be done in the near future.
  • I will be building some picture frames for some beautiful photos that Suzanne found in the office, a box to house the "Facilities Closed" sing during the day, and a shelf for the AED to sit on by the front door.
  • I will be helping Rowan to plumb the new wash station at Headwaters.
  • I will continue my photo documentation of the work that is being done to the fields.
  • I will assist Matt in any way that is needed in moving forward with repairs.
Marketing & Media Alex Woolery
  • Drafted Farmland Protection Program website edits, created new imagery and icons, and reviewed with Matt.
  • Website: Board and Committee support with Lindsay, worked with staff to edit and publish new front page posts, worked with Katie to publish new job. Post-Yard Tour website updates. Manure Connection and Conservation Directory listings and updates.
  • Helped staff with IT issues, including station performance, storage space questions on various stations. Investigated company drive storage. Answered several emails and calls from public and directed to staff as appropriate.
  • Media outreach/social: continued press outreach and follow-up with media for PIC grants, helped coordinate and promote feature with Kathy on KGW news. Participated in and documented MHCC event. Put together three galleries and posted to social media: wildlife at DPNA, Jon's invasive weed comics, and MHCC event photos.
  • Reviewed and commented on marketing roles and responsibilities, branding guide updates, work prioritization, company drive cleanup. Assisted with IT contractor visit and followup.
  • Finalize and review new Farmland Protection Program website content.
  • Implement final edits to Branding Guide.
  • Continue PIC press outreach.
  • Follow up on display items with Conservation Legacy staff and prioritize as appropriate.
  • Update prioritization sheet and organize/complete remaining work for the fiscal year as time allows.
Information Technology Lissa Adams,
Lindsay Nelson,
Alex Woolery
  • Lindsay, Alex and Lissa responded to staff IT issues and questions as needed; see notes in their individual reports above.
  • Alex and Lindsay worked with IT contractor to investigate conferencing and networking issues, as well as laptop-specific issues.
  • Alex worked with IT contractor to configure a new firewall device.
  • Lindsay, Alex and Lissa will respond to staff IT issues and questions as needed.
Program Management Julie DiLeone
  • Irrigation Efficiency workshop at the Columbia Grange.
  • Reviewed updates to our StreamCare agreement.
  • The Sandy River Basin Partners are considering an application to OWEB for a Development Focused Investment Partnership.
  • OWEB small grants team meeting to review 3 applications.
  • Hoping to finish draft designs to address runoff at the new property.
  • Attending the annual Lower Columbia Salmon and Steelhead Plan Implementation meeting put on by the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife.
Rural Water Quality Aaron Guffey
  • Solicited vendors for material price quotes.
  • Met with Lucas and Chelsea to pass institutional knowledge of landowners in Johnson Creek not yet enrolled in StreamCare.
  • Complete a CLIP application for an Erosion Solutions pilot project to be brought to the board at the June board meeting.
  • Engage in the diversity, equity, and inclusion process EMSWCD staff are participating in.
  • Attend all Oregon Association of Nurseries (Mt. Hood Chapter) meetings and events. Fulfill the responsibilities of treasurer on the Mt Hood Chapter board.
  • Connect with partners to explore opportunities for developing better solutions regarding cover crop useage on nurseries.
StreamCare Lucas Nipp
  • Chelsea and I conducted two days of door to door outreach. One day each in Johnson and Beaver Creeks. We went to 23 residences and conducted four site assessments.
  • I met with some landowners on Johnson Creek who replied to our mailing about StreamCare. They are interested in enrolling and I sent them a proposed Project Map and sample agreement.
  • Rowan and I met to assess current pollinator areas at Headwaters Farm and discuss new areas to be planted to pollinator habitat. I need to run the numbers and come up with plant numbers and rough budgets.
  • I will have a crew out next week doing weed control on StreamCare sites that will be graduating from the program this summer.
  • Chelsea and I will continue outreach in Beaver and Johnson Creeks.
  • I have several maps to make for landowners intersted in enrolling in StreamCare.
Technical Assistance Jeremy Baker
  • Presented an Irrigation Workshop in Corbett mainly focused on gardeners. It was an intro to irrigation efficiency.
  • Completed a site visit to another current CLIP project recipient to review installation of conservation treatments.
  • Site visit for new landowner with horses looking to address mud issues in the confinement pen.
  • Preparing an advanced irrigation efficiency workshop for HIP farmers in conjunction with Rogue Farm Corps.
  • On site for weather station and soil moisture sensor installation at Headwaters Farm. Installation should be complete by Friday, May 25th.
  • Currently setting up design review meetings with 2 landowners needing compost facilities.
Weed Management Chris Aldassy
  • I led a group of contractors on a USFS site near Ruckel Creek that burned in the Eagle Creek Fire.
  • Leading a new contractor on large garlic mustard sites, and working on smaller sites with Jon.
  • Vacation!
  • Continue working on the garlic mustard containment project.
  • We will hopefully be finishing our garlic mustard work.
  • I will be orienting a contractor to begin survey and control work on State Park properties in the gorge as part of an agreement to manage invasives and restoration work on their properties.
Weed Management Jon Wagner
  • Lucas and I collected monthly water quality samples and wildlife surveys at Johnson and Beaver Creeks.
  • Garlic Mustard, Garlic Mustard, Garlic Mustard, Oh My! I have been working with Chris and work crews to complete the second pass of garlic mustard control at all control sites.
  • I will format water quality data to share with DEQ. I wiill make final edits to the Dianna Pope Natural Area (DPNA) interprative sign. I will begin work on new outreach campaign. I will make final edits to the water quality sampling assessment procedures for Johnson and Beaver Creeks. I will outreach garlic mustard landowners.
  • Chris and I will work with crews to complete the second and final passes of control at all garlic mustard control sites for the spring.
  • Chris and I will continue burn area weed surveys and control.
Outreach & Education Chelsea White-Brainard
  • Did two full days of door-to-door StreamCare outreach with Lucas. We focused on high priority properties in the Beaver and Johnson Creek watersheds.
  • Attended Communicator's Conference, put on by the Oregon chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.
  • Promoted and coordinated an irrigation efficiency workshop. Julie and Jeremy presented to 25 people at the Columbia Grange in Corbett.
  • Finalize DPNA interpretive sign for Headwaters. Continue getting quotes from sign manufacturers.
  • Continue StreamCare outreach to priority landowners.
  • Design a feather flag for the 4-County CWMA (Cooperative Weed Management Area).
Program Management Kathy Shearin
  • Attended: 2018 Naturescaped Yards Tour, Stategic Partnership Agreement meeting with Watershed Councils, MHCC stakeholders meeting, MHCC retrofit DePave kick-off event, MHCC Outreach Team meeting, and Beaver Creek Partnership meeting.
  • Walk-through MHCC project with contractors bidding on construction of Phase 1.
  • Met with Steve Elliot of Western IPM Center to discuss possible collaboration with the Solve Pest Problems web tool.
  • Site visit to Grant Butte wetlands to meet with Kate Holleran to discuss needs for the Site Stabilization Plan.
  • Attend: meeting for the MHCC Kelly dam feasibilty kickoff, MHCC Stakeholders meeting, CFO recruitment meeting.
  • Meet with Representative Pam Marsh to discuss the Solve Pest Problem web tool.
Technical Assistance Whitney Bailey
  • Caught up on technical assistance, including questions regarding lesser celandine, poison hemlock, and CLIP.
  • Site visit to discuss Nadaka Nature Park Management Plan development.
  • Assembled photo montage for Nature Notes 4 blog.
  • Began review of Columbia Slough Watershed Council's 5 year Stewardship Action Plan, and of the Gresham Stormwater Management Manual Update.
  • CLIP team meeting next week.
  • Finish comments on CSWC Plan and Gresham SWMM.
  • Working on design elements and getting quotes for green roof and green wall retrofits.
  • Updating entries in EMSWCD Conservation Directory and Native Plant Resources page.
Outreach & Education Angela Previdelli
  • Final Yard Tour preparations and day of event. It was a sunny success!
  • Short vacation to bike the Deschutes River Trail.
  • Preparations to transition SPACE Grants on to ZoomGrants online application.
  • Finalize new outreach displays.
  • Research new decal manufactures to create more stickers.
  • Finalize June SPACE Grant awards. Continue planning ZoomGrants transition.
Outreach & Education Katie Meckes
  • Began recruitment for Outreach & Education Internship.
  • Drafted up three task and timeline documents to help organize and guide the work of the MHCC Retrofit Outreach Team moving forward.
  • Tabled at MHCC Community Conservation Fair May 11th and Multnomah ESD Wellness fair on May 16th.
  • Updated workshop presenter contract templates in preparation for bringing on new contractor and next year's contract renewals.
  • Continue working with outreach staff to incorporate feedback provided by review team, then share with Land Legacy and Grants staff.
  • Update Workshop presenter contract template for fiscal year 18-19 and prepare to update contracts for next fiscal year.
Outreach & Education Josie Moberg
  • Josie was out of office for most of this reporting period and unable to submit a report.
Program Management Andrew Brown
  • Andrew was on vacation during this reporting period and unable to submit a report.
Grants Suzanne Easton
  • Suzanne was out of office on vacation this week and unable to submit a report.
Land Legacy Matt Shipkey
  • Staffed and led Land Legacy Committee meeting.
  • Made staff recommendation for Oxbow offer selection.
  • Finalized draft working farmland easement template.
  • New transaction due diligence substantially complete.
  • Advanced consideration of Access to Nature opportunity.
  • Complete draft website updates with Alex.
  • Advance COLT membership "compliance" development.
  • Finalize due diligence for new transaction, and identify next steps.
  • Prepare for and staff Board meeting.
  • Advance Oxbow disposition.
Headwaters Farm Rowan Steele
  • Outreach and education: taught Introduction to Irrigation training for 30 beginning farmers; spoke on a Land Access Panel for Portland State University’s Land Justice Symposium; offered Headwaters Farm tour to urban ag researchers from Portland State University and various universities in France.
  • Created a term sheet for RFP and subsequent leasing of Mishima Farm.
  • Farm projects: facilitated the pouring of the slab for new compost system; orchestrated clearing, discing, mechanical soil loosening, and liming at Mishima Farm; oversaw the setup of the new wash station; electrical installation for the weather station.
  • Getting the June stormwater projects going.
  • Finishing the plumbing for the new wash station, effectively getting the facility operational.
  • Writing article about the Headwaters Incubator Program and local farmer development for international publication Growing For Market.
Headwaters Farm Stuart Moeller
  • Worked on prepping Mishima for cover crop: clearing remaining trees, chisel plowing, and discing.
  • Mowed farm for access and weed management needs.
  • Prepped a 4,500 square ft area for fall planting of pollinator habitat and pesticide buffer.
  • Sowing cover crop at the new property.
  • Weed management: covering invasive weeds in fallowed fields with silage tarps, mowing, and flame weeding.
  • Supporting the new wash station project.