Activity Report for the Period 3/12/2018 – 3/23/2018

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Jay Udelhoven
  • External Engagement: Met with the Portland Bureau of Planning Services to discuss their revision of the South Reach of the Willamette River Plan; attended the Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission’s quarterly meeting which addressed the integration of equity into organizational programs; met with a local environmental professional (who is also a constituent) interested in EMSWCD and how she may be able to engage with us professionally; met with Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Program Manager for SWCDs for a catch up.
  • Boards/Committees: Hosted Personnel Committee meeting; met with EMSWCD Board Associate Director Gerel to get each other caught up on a variety of issues; prepped for April Board meeting.
  • Policies/Planning/Budgeting: Collaborated with program supervisors on strategic planning options and five-year budget implications; research wellness program options for personnel policy updates.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Participated in equity meeting; met with staff 1x1 and management team; completed equity readings.
  • Program Implementation: Reviewed and approved staff recommendations for Board consideration of PIC grant application approvals.
  • Spending a week on the beach at the Makah Indian Reservation for vacation.
  • External Engagement: Meet with Portland Audubon’s Conservation Director to discuss an emerging project; meet with Yamhill SWCD Manager as a catch up.
  • Boards/Committees: Host April Board meeting.
  • Policies/Planning/Budgeting: Continue to work on next round of personnel policy updates.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Participate in equity meeting; meet with staff 1x1 and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Nothing planned.
Program Supervision / Finance & Budget Lissa Adams
  • Prepared second draft FY18-19 budget for next Budget Committee Meeting; prepared February financial reports for April board meeting.
  • Attended CEI/Equity Team meeting.
  • Began preparing schedules for CFO transition plan.
  • Continue formalizing CFO transition plan.
  • Continue preparing FY18-19 budget.
Office Management Lindsay Nelson
  • Finished Board meeting, Budget Committee and Personnel Committee meeting minutes for March. Set up, recorded, and took minutes for the Personnel Committee meeting. Started Personnel Committee meeting minutes. Sent out public and legal notices for April Board and Budget meetings.
  • Processed bills for Accounts payable and sent check outs to various vendors. Ordered Supplies. Sent out emails to staff for branding gear.
  • Did some further research on dental plans for staff. Scanned in documents for Andrew.
  • Met with Finance and Operations team.
  • Working on scheduling a demo for HR software.
  • Find an embroidery company.
  • Finalize telecommunication system.
Facilities Management Scot Wood
  • I have been doing the normal day to day maintenance stuff around the office.
  • I, with Stuart's awesome help, framed in the gable end of the wash station to provide some needed sun blockage this summer.
  • I meet with a painting contractor, roofing contractor as well as Steve's Recycling to get quotes on various needed maintenance items around the Mishima property.
  • I will be meeting with an irrigation tech to assess the condition of our system and determine what, if anything, we need to do to get the system ready for the summer months.
  • I hope to finish up the "upgrades" to the wash station area and move on to building out the new south wash station.
  • I will be working with Steve's Recycling to get the Mishima property cleaned up as well as have Cirrus Cleaning clean out the "apartment" located in the barn.
Marketing & Media Alex Woolery
  • Materials and media: continued working with Matt and Jon on Farmland protection brochure and artwork. Drafted, finalized and sent Farmland Succession mailer to print. Looked up info on several different materials for Urban Lands, created spreadsheets tracking activity and expenses. Sent a Rural Lands mailer to print. Gave feedback on Multnomah County flyer promoting short Urban Lands presentation. Created 2018 parking passes.
  • Website: Board and Committee support with Lindsay, related press releases, trained staff on using site, updated About organizational section and Board and Committee event structure, updated and formatted policy documents. Worked with Chelsea to publish Beaver Creek post, with Chelsea and Jeremy to post new Grange Office hours post. Further developed conditional coding and translations for Spanish-language events. Updated Headwaters farmer bios and created a new section for Headwaters graduates.
  • Outreach: coordinating with Katie to launch Pipeline PDX event listings. Helped promote workshops, Yard Tour hosts, conservation jobs, coordinated two Facebook ads. Edited video to add a music track to one ad. Follow up on ongoing ads with supervisors.
  • Helped staff with logon and IT issues, or forwarded on as appropriate. Billing and follow up on materials. Answered several public emails and directed to staff as appropriate. Did some organization in marketing file section. Assisted several staff looking for files/content/help.
  • Work with Lindsay on Board and Committee management and continue to train Lindsay on managing the website.
  • Publish posts and update content on website, continue to refine About section and update. Update and draft Land Legacy content, work with Matt to publish post on a recent acquisition. Finish material drafts and send to print.
  • Work with Lissa and Finance and Operations staff on transition as necessary.
  • Work on Marketing planning and tracking.
Information Technology Lissa Adams,
Lindsay Nelson,
Alex Woolery
  • Lindsay, Alex and Lissa responded to staff IT issues and questions as needed; see notes in their individual reports above.
  • Lissa worked with IT contractors to resolve a number of IT issues.
  • Lissa finished setting up two new computers for Urban Lands staff.
  • Alex assisted staff with several minor IT issues or forwarded onto IT contractors as necessary.
  • Lindsay, Alex and Lissa will respond to staff IT issues and questions as needed.
Program Management Julie DiLeone
  • Sandy River Basin Partners and Sandy Watershed Council meetings - great feedback from the Sandy WC Board about the Beaver Creek mailer that Chelsea led and Jon did illustrations for.
  • Facilitating review of the draft equity charter.
  • Some CLIP budget wrangling and draft updates to CLIP guidelines.
  • Helping Chris with agreements with State Parks and USFS that will allow us to work in the area burned by the Eagle Creek fire.
  • Doing some design work for the Mishima property.
Rural Water Quality Aaron Guffey
  • Met with a nursery manager and an engineering consultant to discuss initial concepts for an Erosion Solutions design.
  • Work with engineering consultants and Clackamas SWCD to create Erosion Solutions design for two nurseries.
  • Engage in the diversity, equity, and inclusion process EMSWCD staff are participating in
  • Attend all Oregon Association of Nurseries Mt Hood Chapter meetings and events. Fulfill the responsibilities of treasurer on the Mt Hood Chapter board.
StreamCare Lucas Nipp
  • I have had two crews out doing spray maintenance on StreamCare sites. We are focusing on ring/water conservation sprays on sites and treating reed canary grass. About 75 acres were visited and treatments made as necessary.
  • I had a crew do maintenance sprays in the forest at Oxbow Farm and treat the weeds in the hedgerow there.
  • I attended Portland Ecologists Unite. The topic was invasive earthworms and how they may be changing soil dynamics in our forests and favoring invasive plants.
  • I am attending a beaver management workshop that the Tualatin SWCD is hosting. It will have a classroom portion and a field portion where we will install devices to deter beavers from blocking culverts and install flow devices to control the heights of dams.
  • I will continue StreamCare maintenance sprays.
  • I will be attending a local emerald ash borer symposium to learn about the latest recommendations on preparing for the arrival of this pest that kills ash trees.
Technical Assistance Jeremy Baker
  • Met with weather station contractor on site (Headwaters) to determine a location and discuss system requirments (distance from buidlings, roads, etc) and management. We're hoping to have the station installed around April.
  • Will meet with my Equity Team on Friday to further discuss "The New Jim Crow."
  • Presenting a CLIP application to the CLIP team on Thursday. Focus will be on rainwater harvesting for a small farm in Troutdale.
  • Set up site visits with two new landowners. One would like assistance with weed control and pasture management, the other is looking to address weeds and a very wet area of the farm.
  • Reviewing and commenting on draft Personnel Policies.
Weed Management Chris Aldassy
  • We are continuing with garlic mustard control on public and private properties with contractors and with staff. We also had contractors work on tree ivy
  • I visited Yamhill SWCD staff who are developing a garlic mustard control program. Talked about lessons learned and how we do our outreach, survey, and control for our projects.
  • I met with Friends of the Gorge volunteer coordinator about how we can partner and utilize each other to advance projects in the Gorge.
  • I will be continuing garlic mustard control with Jon and with contractors.
  • We will begin monitoring with some possible control work on early seeding species at trailheads in the burn area.
  • I will be attending a meeting on preparing for the arrival Emerald Ash Borer.
Weed Management Jon Wagner
  • Chris and I have been working with crews to perform the first pass of garlic mustard control on the known sites outside of the containment zone.
  • I finished the ink drawing for the Diana Pope Natural Area sign illustration. I finished equity readings and videos. I created an illustration for the Land Legacy outreach flier and postcard. I outreached for garlic mustard control.
  • Lucas and I collected monthly water quality samples and wildlife surveys.
  • Chris and I will work with crews to continue the first pass of garlic mustard control. We will also begin weed surveys in the fire zone.
  • I will continue to update our water quality sampling assessment procedures for Johnson and Beaver Creek. I will finish the Diana Pope Natural area sign illustration. If I have time, I will make an illustration for a boot brush sticker as part of a collaboration with King County SWCD.
  • I will attend a meeting for the Columbia Gorge Cooperative Weed Management area.
Outreach & Education Chelsea White-Brainard
  • Sent out mailer about Jeremy's "'"Office Hours at the Grange." Worked with Alex to get sign-up form on the website, which will allow folks to sign up for a time slot during the office hours.
  • Sent StreamCare outreach mailer to recruit new landowners. It went out to streamside landowners along streams in the Johnson and Beaver Creek Watersheds not yet enrolled. We also ran a StreamCare video on Facebook that features a time-lapse drawing by Jon.
  • Posted Beaver Creek mailer to the website, with downloads in English, Spanish, and Russian.
  • Participated in the Equity Team's 6th follow-up session with CEI (Center for Equity and Inclusion). Attended 4-County CWMA General Meeting and Steering Committee meeting.
  • Continue to promote "Office Hours at the Grange" via social media, email, local contacts, and community calendars.
  • Design layout and write content for interpretive sign that will be installed at Headwaters. It will be placed on the border of the DPNA (Dianna Pope Natural Area) and highlight the benefits of streamside forests. The design will feature drawings by Jon.
  • Create social media posts using content from the Beaver Creek mailer . Meet with partners to coordinate further outreach efforts related to the project which will include a social media campaign and a poster for conference poster sessions.
  • Continue to work with the Equity and Management Teams to develop our equity statement and equity team charter.
Program Management Kathy Shearin
  • Strategic Planning and Budget discussions.
  • CLIP Team meeting. Met with Blossom (EMSWCD's office landscapers). Attended MHCC Retrofit Stakeholders committee.
  • Working with IPM Web tool steering committee to finalize draft work plan and budget plan.
  • Kathy will be on vacation next week.
Technical Assistance Whitney Bailey
  • Conducted Green Street facilities clean-up and reporting.
  • Site visit for a potential CLIP project in southern Gresham.
  • Reviewed Rockwood Rising's landscape plan & made recommendations for native plants to include.
  • Participated in Yard Tour 2018 kick-off meeting.
  • Site visit with Sabin CDC and City Repair to discuss native plantings and sustainable landscaping practices for a recent SPACE grant.
  • Meeting with the City of Fairview to discuss collaboration opportunities.
  • Updating website including CLIP, Naturescaping, and Conservation Corner sections.
Outreach & Education Angela Previdelli
  • Attended CEI follow up meeting #7.
  • Held a Plant Sale debrief meeting. Created list of actions to take to fix order process.
  • I will conduct 13 site visits for Yard Tour host selection.
  • On-going volunteer recruitment and coordination for Yard Tour.
  • Review and approve April SPACE Grant applications.
Outreach & Education Katie Meckes
  • Assisted with Yard Tour Host and Volunteer recruitment with initial and reminder Mailchimp announcements.
  • Attended a meeting with KairosPDX garden coordinator to discuss discuss future opportunities for collaboration in environmental and outdoor education.
  • Convened outreach staff to continue work on developing outreach display content.
  • Helping prepare estimates for upcoming printing and promotional needs.
  • Continue working toward development of draft outreach displays.
  • Continue development of Conservation Corner Outreach Plan.
Outreach & Education Josie Moberg
  • Continued communications with workshop hosts/attendees, database updating with new info, etc. to ensure smooth-running workshops.
  • Outreach (emailing newspapers, posting to Facebook, etc.).
  • Prepping documents/binders and updating data for upcoming fall season. Entered in demographic data of past workshops.
  • Tabled at Clean Water Festival.
Program Management Andrew Brown
  • Worked on preparing 5-year budget options for strategic plan.
  • Assisted Suzanne with PIC funding recommendations for the board.
  • Fulfilled public records request related to the Land Legacy Program.
  • Worked on various GIS projects for Rural Lands and the Executive Director.
  • Advance the 2018-2023 EMSWCD strategic plan draft, including 5-year budget, and outstanding content for the programs.
  • Work with Matt on preparing and presenting Land Legacy program strategic planning content for the Land Legacy Committee meeting.
  • Complete transfer of weeds data into new database.
Grants Suzanne Easton
  • 2018 PIC: Worked with Andrew and Jay to assign funding allocations to recommended grantees; prepared documents for Board meeting; final follow up on applications and consultation with other funders.
  • Attended SPACE meeting to discuss follow-up on application; attended CLIP meeting to review application.
  • Equity: Attended CEI follow-up training #7; met with Equity Team, completed reading assignments.
  • Attended Greening Schoolyards meeting with Katie.
  • Prepare for and present 2018 PIC recommendation to Board on April 2nd.
  • Notify grant applicants of results from Board decision and begin preparing information for contracts.
  • Short vacation to Atlanta/Savannah.
  • Assist with grant program strategic plan efforts.
Land Legacy Matt Shipkey
  • Oxbow broker selected, agreement in process.
  • Agenda and materials finalized for March LLC meeting.
  • Various outreach activities - postcard mailed, 1x1 meetings, brochure development.
  • Stewardship activities at recent farm acquisition.
  • Oxbow broker agreement executed, property listed.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement/Option executed.
  • Recent transaction press release and social media announcement.
  • Outreach brochure substantially finalized.
Headwaters Farm Rowan Steele
  • Planning and getting quotes for the Headwaters Farm compost facility.
  • Used the CAT tractor to turn in cover crop with the disc.
  • Working with new farm incubators to get them situated and draft Farm Development Plans to chart their training and business development needs.
  • Sampling cover crop to estimate nitrogen credits.
  • Prepping fields for more discing as soil moisture allows.
  • Planning several equipment and production trainings.
Headwaters Farm Stuart Moeller
  • Flail mowed cover crops to speed soil dry-down and facilitate primary tillage.
  • Weed management: nursery fabric around hoophouse #4 and laid the first silage tarp over an invasive weed patch adjacent to the auxiliary wash station.
  • Helped identify field boarders and marked with t-posts.
  • Got the irrigation risers installed in the field.
  • • Weed management: mowing, hand weeding, and laying silage tarps and nursery fabric.
  • Moving handlines to allow for easier management between the propagation houses.
  • Helping complete a project to close off the west gable end in the wash station.