Activity Report for the Period 2/17/2020 – 2/28/2020

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Andrew Brown
  • Andrew Brown, EMSWCD's Conservation Legacy Program Supervisor, is currently serving as Interim Executive Director in the interim. See his report here.
Program Supervision / Finance & Budget Dan Mitten
  • Continued work on final reporting for the Pacific Power EV charging station grant. Coordinated with PacPower rep to attend "ribbon cutting" and finalization of signage, press release, and final documentation.
  • Worked with bookkeeper on February payroll and submitted retirement contributions. Prepared Budget versus Actuals for Program Supervisors and Financial reports for March Board Meeting.
  • Prepared 1st Draft of FY20-21 Budget for Budget Committee number 1. Drafted Budget Committee Agenda and Budget Message. Reviewed and finalized with Interim Executive Director. Drafted and submitted first draft of FY20-21 budget and budget message to TSCC for review.
  • Met with F&O staff in 1X1s and as a program. Equity small group discussion, equity team meeting, and two management team meetings.
  • Contributed to the Organizational Values definitions - Graffiti Charts as staff member.
  • Follow up with PacPower rep and coordinate completion of signage, press release material with Marketing & Media Manager and Interim Executive Director. Will submit final documentation upon completion.
  • Will attend Budget Committee Meeting # 1 and present FY20-21 Budget as Budget Officer. Await results of TSCC review and discuss at Budget Committee meeting as needed.
  • Will redraft questions to pose counsel on HR issues related to internal equity topic discussions based on Equity Team feedback, then submit to Interim Executive Director for presentation to counsel.
  • Will help collate the values with other team members once all have opportunity to contribute and present/discuss at all-staff meeting.
Office Management Lindsay Nelson
  • Finished February Board Meeting Minutes. Put the Board packet together and sent it to the Board.
  • Enrolled Nick, Brandi, and Rhesa in benefits.
  • Attended an Equity Team meeting.
  • Met with InfoStructure to discuss phone setup options. Finalized and tested new phone system setup. Conducted research and fixed Kathy's desktop phone system.
  • Ordered food for and set up two PIC Review Committee meetings.
Facilities Management Scot Wood
  • The electricians have finished the new service to the equipment shed, and I met with solar panel company and their electrician to go over some things they will need from us during the solar panel install.
  • The contract for the front step concrete work has been signed. Now to wait for a clear stretch in April for the work to be done.
  • The concrete work in the equipment shed shop as well as the new composting toilet sidewalk has been poured and looks great.
  • I will be overseeing the concrete contractor as he pours the slab ans apron for the equipment shed shop as well as adding on to the composting toilet sidewalk.
  • I will, hopefully, be installing the new NVR for the security camera system and getting the cameras back online.
  • Nick and I will begin the process of getting the equipment shed shop insulated and ready to move into it.
Marketing & Media Alex Woolery
  • Signage/materials: sent set of Headwaters signs and EV station sign to production, sent off workshop postcard to print and mail, assisted with brochure updates and packaging for translations.
  • Plant sale: wrapping up last items and refunds, took a deep dive into sale data for analytics, closed the online store and updated related pages.
  • In conversation with staff from other districts about social media archiving options and best practices.
  • Assistance with IT issues: new station setup, printer issues, network, file/folder restoring, software repair, email, VPN, etc.
  • Gave input and feedback on organizational values through the graffiti chart, worked with Dan to document latest charts.
  • Assist with Yard Tour event preparations.
  • IT: work on surface pro tablets and update computer inventory. Work on processing old computer stations and equipment.
  • Finalize plant sale analytics and meet with plant sale team to review the event and feedback.
  • Continue work on vehicle branding and signage needs.
Program Management Julie DiLeone
  • Julie was out of office during this work period.
Rural Water Quality Aaron Guffey
  • Aaron was unable to submit a report for this work period.
StreamCare Lucas Nipp
  • I worked on preparing a presentation for the Board to show where we are at with StreamCare, and where we plan to go in the future with the program. The presentation was ultimately delayed until the April Board Meeting.
  • Backcountry snowboarding vacation in Idaho and then the flu kept me down for most of a week upon my return.
  • As weather allows I will begin water conservation sprays on StreamCare sites. I have a little over 600 person hours of expected crew time to complete this task (maybe 12-18 days depending on crew size).
  • I have a few StreamCare site visits lined up and several maps and agreements to execute for folks who want to enroll.
Technical Assistance Jeremy Baker
  • Attended Agricultural Ditch Maintenance Webinar put on by Oregon Department of Agriculture. Webinar provided an overview of the recently passed HB 2437 and changes to jurisdictions of oversite and regulation.
  • Completed a site visit to Corbett landowner looking for general guidance in planning. Landowner recently purchased 15 acres which currently has land leased out. As leases expire, landowner will be making changes to cropping areas, sequences and what's being cultivated.
  • Site visit with Land Legacy to review possible easment property.
  • Budgeting for project in partnership with NRCS to address mud and manure management on a farm in Corbett.
  • Connect Conference planning continues. We're in the final phases as agenda and schedule have been done.
  • Scheduled a site visit with a new landowner located in Springdale to discuss overall farm planning for conservation measures.
Weed Management Chris Aldassy
  • Out controlling shiny geranium along trailsides in the gorge, and verifying noxious weed reports.
  • Finalizing contracts and lining up contractors for upcoming field season.
  • Coordinating upcoming field work with Friends of the Gorge staff.
  • Taking vacation time.
  • I plan on attending the invasive species and exotic pest workshop.
  • Maybe some DEI reading and discussion.
Weed Management Jon Wagner
  • Chris and I controlled shiny geranium at several high-priority burn zone sites, including: Coopey Falls, Pony Tail Falls Trail, Tanner Trailhead and Road 777.
  • I succefully submitted 8 years of water quality data from Johnson and Beaver Creeks, making it available to the EPA, USGS and DEQ. I submitted last year's weeds data to Oregon Imapinvasives. I completted a "Notes from the burn zone" field sketch comic as an outreach tool to update the public about regrowth in the Eagle Creek fire burn area.
  • Lucas and I collected monthly water quality samples and conducted the wildlife surveys.
  • I will work with Chelsea to finalize edits of the activity book and prepare it for printing. I will finish equity reading and have monthly equity meeting. I will outreach and prepare for the spring weeds season.
  • I will continue burn zone weeds surveys and control. I will begin spring garlic mustard control.
Outreach & Education Chelsea White-Brainard
  • Planned out logistics for upcoming all-day biochar workshop, which will include a live demonstration at a Corbett farm and a classroom portion at the Columbia Grange on February 29th. Kelpie Wilson will be presenting and we have over 50 people registered.
  • Planned 4-County CWMA (Cooperative Weed Management Area) general meeting to be held at EMSWCD. Agenda will include a presentation about our DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) work, along with that of WMSWCD and City of Portland, BES.
  • Equity: Facilitated Equity Team meeting, worked on putting together equity literacy training for Management Team, and worked on questions for community engagement survey.
  • Send "The Great Gorge Adventure" activity book to IRCO for translation into Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese. Figure out printing logistics. Coordinate with partners on printing to reduce costs for all.
  • Promote wildlife workshop, which will be presented by Jon Wagner at the Columbia Grange on March 16th. Promote pollinator workshop which will be presented by Celeste Mazzacano at the Columbia Grange on April 2nd.
  • Begin planning soil health workshop as well as winter water rights workshop.
Program Management Kathy Shearin
  • Meet with VOZ and other partners to discuss projects and partnership going forward.
  • Meeting with Backyard Habitat Certification Program to discuss ways to enhance partnerships east of 82nd Ave.
  • Host CSWC board meeting.
  • Meetings: meet with MHCC Steering committee, Solve Pest Problems User-Interface improvement meeting, meeting with Clark SWCD to share lesson's learned from 18+ years of native plant sales, meet with Canemah (NAYA) steering committee.
  • Attending UERC (Urban Ecosystems Research Consortium)
Technical Assistance Whitney Bailey
  • Attended meetings for CSWC Tech Team, Plant Sale debrief, UL demographics data needs, etc.
  • Conducted site visit and consultations for potential CLIP projects, and provided TA for ongoing CLIP projects and other constituents.
  • Co-led tour of Conservation Corner.
Outreach & Education Monica McAllister
  • Attended Partner Meeting with VOZ, Verde, BES, and NECN about various grants, and about active and future projects.
  • Attended the Rosewood Initiative Monthly Partner Meeting.
  • Set date for Yard Tour 2020 (May 16th 10AM -3 PM). Began planning of Yard Tour.
  • Urban Ecology Conference March 2nd.
  • Jade Greening Partner Meeting, East County Form Meeting, and Lower Willamette Valley SWCD Education Program Meetings.
  • Visiting community members' yards for Yard Tour 2020.
Outreach & Education Brandi Boersma
  • Attended "Climate Justice in Black and Brown Communities at PCC. Attended monthly Humboldt Neighborhood Association and Northeast Coalition of Neighborhood meetings.
  • Collected and distributed resources related to Educational Equity to all staff for our March Small Group Discussions.
  • Scheduled one-hour Native Plants and Naturescaping presenations along with various upcoming tabling opportunities throughout April and May.
  • Send Yard Tour Announcement to recruit hosts and volunteers.
  • Table at Fix-it-Fair and provide a 1-hr Naturescaping Presentation. Attend UERC Symposium at PSU.
  • Meetings: meet with Trash for Peace to discuss potential collaboration on Growing Green Communities: Culturally-Relevant Workshops. Meet with new Tualatin SWCD Outreach Staff to discuss our workshops and processes. Quarterly meeting with the Lower Willamette Valley SWCD Outreach staff.
Outreach & Education Rhesa Napoli
  • Rhesa was on vacation during this reporting period.
Program Management Andrew Brown
  • Worked with Dan to finalize FY20-21 budget, budget message and other preparation ahead of the first Budget Committee meeting.
  • Coordinated the organizaition values definition process with the staff and Management Team.
  • Participated in the PIC Review Committee meetings for the 2020 PIC grant cycle.
  • Participate in first Budget Committee meeting, and work on any changes as necessary before the second meeting.
  • With the team, make progress on the first draft deifination of the organizational values.
  • Assist Suzanne with collating a recommendation to the board on the 2020 PIC grants.
Grants Suzanne Easton
  • 2020 PIC: Final evaluation of applications, prepared for Review Committee meetings. Held two back-to-back meetings, ranked 24 PIC applications by subject category.
  • Attended Equity Team meeting.
  • Develop final funding allocations and recommendation on 2020 PIC applications.
  • Equity discussion group; follow up on demographic questionnaire.
Land Legacy Matt Shipkey
  • New working farmland transaction advanced for Board consideration.
  • Easement donation advanced.
  • Successful outreach efforts to Farm Bureau and Metro.
  • Letter of Intent executed for easement donation, other transaction elements advanced.
  • If approved by Board, PSA advanced for new working farmland transaction.
  • Gordon Creek disposition substantially advanced.
Headwaters Farm Rowan Steele
  • Getting Nick up to speed on tractors, farm systems and meeting farmers, and conducting a host of small tasks.
  • Organized a workshop on farm taxes.
  • Presented HIP to the Clark County Food Systems Council.
  • Attending the Budget Committee Meeting #1.
  • Coordinating the start to the farm season at Headwaters.
  • Updating the MOU with Portland Farmers Market for their Beginning Farmer booth.
Headwaters Farm Nick Pfeil
  • Attended Oregon’s Small Farms Conference.
  • Got propagation systems (germ chamber, bottom heat, automated irrigation) online and serviced the BCS.
  • Launching into field prep with some initial flail mowing and discing in targeted areas.
  • Supporting the equipment shed insulation project.
  • Getting plots measured-out and marked with t-posts.
  • Setting up the implements in the equipment shed.