Activity Report for the Period 10/1/2018 – 10/12/2018

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Jay Udelhoven
  • External Engagement: Met with NRCS and WMSWCD to discuss working lands conservation efforts; started preparations for OACD strategic planning meeting.
  • Boards/Committees: Met with prospective Zone 1 Board Director candidate; hosted October Board meeting.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Met with management team and direct reports in 1x1s.
  • External Engagement: Host watershed councils to discuss the Strategic Partnership Agreement; participate in OACD monthly meeting; meet with OACD to discuss participation and role on statewide working lands work group; attend Multnomah County Farm Bureau meeting and discuss responses to resource complaints.
  • Boards/Committees: Continue work on annual plan and policy updates.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Meet with organizational consultants and possibly begin contract development; meet with staff (1x1) and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Discuss land transaction with landowner.
Program Supervision / Finance & Budget Dan Mitten
  • Prepared and reviewed financial reports for Board meeting.
  • Prepared FY18/19-todate Budget v Actual Financial Reports for program managers for analysis.
  • Reviewed and reconciled monthly bank statements for Board Treasurer review.
  • Reviewed monthly payroll checklist for August and September payrolls.
  • Attended meeting for upcoming annual Plant Sale.
  • Meet to discuss and plan for Plant Sale site platform and stability.
  • Compiling information and coordinating tasks with bookkeepers for audit in progress.
Office Management Lindsay Nelson
  • Finished Board of Director meeting minutes for September meeting. Compiled and sent out Board of Directors packet out. Printed and sent out Dianna Pope's BD meeting packet.
  • Spent time with Kyle from TeamLogic to figure out calendars, and on migrating meetings to the new calendars.
  • Met with Dan. Met with the Plant Sale team.
  • Ordered supplies.
  • Finish LLC meeting minutes.
  • Put away branded gear.
  • Continue to reorganize personnel files.
Facilities Management Scot Wood
  • I installed new weather stripping on the front and back doors of the office building in hopes of making the doors a bit more weather tight.
  • I dug a pit for Jeremy and NRCS out in Field 6 so that NRCS could do some soil mapping. I also filled in the new water line trenches over on Mainstem.
  • I wasn't able to get out to the new property in Corbett due to projects at Headwaters.
  • It's that time of year! I most likely will be installing the Indow windows for the winter. With staff consensus, that is.
  • Hopefully Rowan and I will be able to finish up the forced air system on the compost boxes at Headwaters.
  • I will most definitely be going out to the new property next week to take care of the post-closing items.
Marketing & Media Alex Woolery
  • Met with Plant Sale team to go over changes and paths forward. Developed graphs and analysis of last year's website performance and activity. Met with Dan and developed a plan of action for choosing and developing a plant sale platform for 2019.
  • Media and outreach: worked with Rowan to continue to promote Headwaters Farm recruitment, began work on PIC Grants outreach and website updates with Suzanne. Worked with Matt on edits to Farm Succession workshop postcard, finalized and sent to print. Sent out press releases for farmland acquisition and PIC Grants.
  • Meetings: met with Admin team, check-in meeting with Dan, met with Jon to go over comic/illustration ideas and materials. Calls with contractors and TeamLogic to advance phone system.
  • IT: helped several staff with minor issues and requests. Helped staff with license and software issues.
  • Website: posted or republished several posts: Headwaters Farm recruitment, Farm Succession press release, PIC Grants update. Several updates across website. Investigated plugin options for an interactive image.
  • Website/IT/user updates for employee offboarding. General IT support as needed. Final preparations to implement the new phone system.
  • Investigate plant sale options further, prepare comprehensive cost analysis and pros/cons comparison.
  • Continue Headwaters Farm and PIC Grant promotion, assist with workshop and cross-platform promotion as needed. Complete further updates to Grants section of website.
Program Management Julie DiLeone
  • Compiled ODA quarterly report.
  • Got a start on the OWEB Focused Investment Development grant application and passed it on to the Sandy Watershed Council for more writing. They will be the applicant and fiscal agent if we get funded.
  • Meetings: met with Rural Lands staff, CLIP team, NRCS/WMSWCD, and Mt. Hood National Forest.
  • Taking October 15th and 16th off.
  • Continuing to work on the OWEB Focused Investment Development grant application for the Sandy. Due October 22nd.
Rural Water Quality Aaron Guffey
  • Aaron was working offsite and on leave several days during this reporting period, and unable to submit a report.
StreamCare Lucas Nipp
  • I am continuing maintenance spraying on StreamCare sites (~65 acres) and completed site preparation treatment of sites that were cleared this summer (~15 acres).
  • I attended the second day of a two-day riparian restoration tour focused on management needs of sites as they mature into the ten plus year range. Sites were in Washington County along Fanno Creek. Great discussion and perspective.
  • Secured confirmations for the final plants needed for StreamCare, Weed Control sites, and the Plant Sale.
  • I will continue maintenance spraying on StreamCare sites as weather allows and crews are available.
  • Jon, Chelsea and I will remove the temperature sensors from Beaver, Smith, Johnson, and Big Creeks.
  • I will be meeting with the new coordinator of the Columbia Gorge CWMA, which I am co-chair of.
Technical Assistance Jeremy Baker
  • Reviewed annual work plan and discussed possible focus areas for 2019.
  • Assisted with digging of soils pit for NRCS which was analyzed. We identified the depth to the fragipan layer. Used this info to review depth to restrictive layer at 2 other locations on the farm. Also analyzed soils around mainstem farm as well looking to identify wetness throughout the lower portion of the north fields. We have some excellent information.
  • Attended meeting to dicuss technical assistance in soil texturing from NRCS at Headwaters and Mainstem farms to better inform future management and planning. In coordination with obtaining technical assistance, we will be assisting NRCS MLRA Soil Survey Leader Jason Martin to update the existing Soil Survey for Multnomah County by digging a soils pit for his review and analysis.
  • Preparing for OCEAN meeting. Reviewed final draft of grant that OCEAN created for SWCD's to utilize to put on or to attend trainings.
Weed Management Chris Aldassy
  • Controlling knotweed.
  • Gave a presentation about fire related weed control to the 4-County CWMA.
  • Leading crews for fire related project work.
  • Continue garlic mustard control and weed surveys and control.
Weed Management Jon Wagner
  • I completed a biocontrol illustation for the Oregon Department of Agriculture. I have been working with Chelsea to complete a Streamside Forest educational poster. I met with Alex to plan other illustration projects.
  • I entered water quality and knotweed data and planned for fall weeds work.
  • Chris and I finished annual knotweed control and began annual garlic mustard fall spray work.
  • Lucas and I will remove temperature probes and conduct monthly water quality sampling and wildlife surveys.
  • Chris and I will continue fall garlic mustard control and weed surveys and control in the burn zone.
  • I will continue to plan fall and winter work, enter data and complete illustration projects.
Outreach & Education Chelsea White-Brainard
  • Planned and coordinted the Multnomah County CWMA (Cooperative Weed Management Area) general meeting, which will highlight the work that Chris and Jon have been doing in the Eagle Creek fire burn area. Attended Steering Committee meeting. Continue planning the Pull Together.
  • Worked with Jon to refine "We ❤ Streamside Forests" poster, featuring original watercolor artwork by Jon.
  • Sent customer satisfaction survey to 2018 StreamCare graduates.
  • Continue planning the Pull Together in my capacity as chair of the 4-County CWMA.
  • Finalize "We ❤ Streamside Forests" poster and prepare for print.
  • Design informational kiosk for the Multnomah Grange.
Program Management Kathy Shearin
  • Reviewed CSWC ED applications and created an initial interview selection matrix.
  • Met with Solve Pest Problems Steering Committee, and with Senator Dembrow to provide background on the project discuss possible support.
  • Met with John Niiyama, Public Works Director for the City of Wood Village, to discuss ways we could partner or otherwise support each other's efforts.
  • Met with OSU College of Ag Sciences and partners to discuss possible legislative funding through OSU.
  • Attend Adult Conservation Education meeting. Attended John Goodell's talk "Resilience in the age of climate change."
  • Attended EMSWCD board meeting and CLIP meeting. Plant Sale meeting #2.
  • Drafting comments to Gresham City Council regarding draft proposed Stormwater Managment Manual.
  • Drafting job description and application materials for new Urban Community Connections Liaison (Angela's position).
  • Angela's last day! :(
Technical Assistance Whitney Bailey
  • Met with Wood Village Public Works Director and City Engineer Tech.
  • Co-led PCC Science Class tour of Conservation Corner.
  • Hosted CLIP team meeting. Attended CWMA General meeting. Attended initial Plant Sale prep/transition meetings.
  • Conducted final inspection and processed incentive reimbursement for a residential rain garden.
  • Johnson Creek Science symposium.
  • IJC tour of Ambleside restoration site.
  • Tabling at MCDD's Peninsula Drainage District's annual landowner meeting.
Outreach & Education Angela Previdelli
  • Reviewed status of final reports and outstanding payments for SPACE Grants from FY 17-18.
  • Prepared annotated workplan to help guide and inform next hire in my position.
  • Met with team to discuss transfer of responsibilities and review relevant documents.
  • Felt lots of sad feelings about leaving.
Outreach & Education Katie Meckes
  • Whitney and I led a tour of Conservation Corner for a Portland Community College Environmental Science class field trip on October 4th. 26 students attended.
  • Met with Angela for transfer of various tasks and processes that will need attention in her absence.
  • Held first Plant Sale meeting on October 2nd. Team discussed a plan that will inform decision on how to proceed with plant sale store. SAVE THE DATE: Plant Sale Pick up Day will be on Saturday, February 16th.
  • Attended Grant Butte Partnership meeting on October 10th. Working with a small task force group focused on repurposing the existing house. Goal is for the existing house to become a "first home" for the Grant Butte Partnership, with an anchor tenant facilitating availability of common spaces for use by all partners, and further developing partnership activities and relationships. First step is developing a plan to support a land use review application with the City of Gresham so that the group can begin using the existing residence as an office/community space.
  • Finalize Plant Sale task and timeline, set upcoming meeting dates, and continue early planning and prioritization tasks.
  • Continue working with small task force group. Develop narrateive about how the space will be used. Work with Metro and City of Gresham to coordinate outreach timing, methods and messaging. Visit house to assess existing conditions and note specific construction/modification needs related to Parking/Driveway, ADA accessibility, Furnishings, Security system.
Outreach & Education Brandi Boersma
  • Continued outreach for upcoming workshops.
  • Began utilizing Instagram for social media outreach.
  • Equity meeting with Chelsea and Katie.
  • Spring workshop scheduling has begun.
  • Beginning to think on more individualized projects.
Program Management Andrew Brown
  • Finalized revised FY18-19 EMSWCD annual work plan. Reviewed draft EMSWCD equity plan from CEI.
  • Assisted with preparations for the October Board meeting and addressed other ingoing issues as acting ED in Jay’s absence.
  • Assisted Matt with various Land Legacy issues, including property disposition, the ag lease template and Mainstem Farm planning.
  • Assisted Dan with documentation and queries for the FY18-19 financial audit.
  • Resolve the way forward on the draft equity plan with the equity team, and advance the content where possible.
  • Work on compiling and finalizing the EMSWCD annual report for FY17-18.
  • Assist Suzanne with finalizing the PIC 2019 guideline materials and ZoomGrants application set ahead of going live with the online applications.
Grants Suzanne Easton
  • Conducted PIC site visits: Zenger Farm, Outgrowing Hunger, and Audubon/COLT for Backyard Habitat.
  • Beginning preparation for PIC 2019: Board approved changes to PIC funding program; website notices, updates to ZoomGrants.
  • Transition SPACE grant program from Angela back to me.
  • Met with Ecotrust staff about the Green Workforce Collaborative.
  • PIC site visits: Grow Portland, Sauvie Island Center, POIC/Rosemary Anderson HS.
  • Meet with Metro grants staff, quarterly check-in.
  • PIC 2019 preparation and outreach activities: recruit for new PIC Review Committee members as needed, email blasts, media, prospective applicant meetings, etc.
Land Legacy Matt Shipkey
  • Invite for Succession Planning workshop sent.
  • Finalized terms and secured approval for Oxbow sale and acquisition of option for working farmland easement interest.
  • Mainstem lease and ag management planning advanced.
  • Advanced short term use plan for the new property in Corbett, created and sent a press release.
  • LTA Rally attendance.
  • LTA Rally Attendance.
  • Mainstem lease draft finalized.
  • Various outreach events advanced.
  • Oxbow sale advanced.
Headwaters Farm Rowan Steele
  • Provided tours to Zenger Farm’s interns and Clackamas Community College’s Organic Farming class.
  • Compiled 3rd Farm Quarter invoices and conducted the final Weed Walk of the season.
  • Participated in a conference call to improve the function and capacity of Oregon Farm Link.
  • Supported or oversaw: completion of the riser extension at Mainstem Farm (out of the natural area), the plumbing of the compost boxes, cover cropping, and the delivery of the new disc.
  • Representing the Headwaters Incubator Program at the Joint Beginning Farmer Open House at Zenger Farms and coordinating with Alex on the final push for 2019 application outreach.
  • Facilitating the installation of the solar panels and wiring of the compost blower system.
  • Working with an incubator farmer on their transition to a new site in the Springdale area.
Headwaters Farm Stuart Moeller
  • Lead the effort to extend a water line to the compost area and relocate risers out of the natural area at Mainstem Farm.
  • Prepped and installed cover crop in all areas managed by EMSWCD, including plots that were under silage tarps during the season.
  • Removing blackberries from fencelines and resetting weedy pollinator habitat.
  • Subsoiling several plots to improve winter drainage and cover crop rooting depth.
  • Working to eliminate horsetails from a farm field using silage tarps.
  • Supporting the construction of a solar panel stand for the compost box fan.