Activity Report for the Period 1/15/2018 – 1/26/2018

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Jay Udelhoven
  • External Engagement: Attended Multnomah County Farm Bureau meeting; reviewed and consolidated watershed council proposals for Years 3, 4, and 5 of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA); participated in monthly call with the Oregon Association of Conservation Districts and other staff SWCDs.
  • Boards/Committees: Participated in Land Legacy Committee meeting; prepared for February ’18 Board meeting.
  • Policies/Planning/Reporting/Budgeting: Reviewed budget and expenditure scenarios for strategic planning purposes; toured rural areas of the district to observe fire-related impacts.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Participated in civil trial; participated in equity planning/training meeting; met with staff 1x1 and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Met with staff and contractors at rural property to discuss pending protection transaction.
  • External Engagement: Present SPA-related issues at the Columbia Slough Watershed Council meeting.
  • Boards/Committees: Host February Board meeting.
  • Policies/Planning/Budgeting: Attend PSU event regarding on-farm uses.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Participate in equity meeting; meet with staff 1x1 and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Review updates to the Dianna Pope Natural Area Plan; close on agricultural protection transaction.
Program Supervision / Finance & Budget Lissa Adams
  • Created draft budget calendar and budget worksheets for FY18-19; attended TSCC budget training; ;
  • Assisted with Plant sale opening day issues.
  • Met with CEI for leadership and equity team followups.
  • Budget, budget, budget...
Office Management Lindsay Nelson
  • I updated the Board Decision Log, prepared and sent out the LLC and Board packet for the meeting on 1/22/17, sent Dianna Pope a copy of the Board packet and the Executive session materials. I processed bills/invoices to be paid and sent out checks to various vendors.
  • I researched and ordered food for the Potluck BBQ.
  • I finalized Board meeting minutes from January 8th.
  • Helped with Customer service for Plant Sale
  • Researched telecommunication systems.
  • Find a print screen/embroidery company.
  • Continue to research telecommunication systems.
Facilities Management Scot Wood
  • I helped Angela install stakes for the new plant identification signs on the office grounds.
  • I have been building new wash tables, sorting tables for the wash station as well as covering the existing wash stations with food grade plastic.
  • I will be making frames for three pictures for Suzanne as well as building an information kiosk for the foyer.
  • I will be helping Rowan install new irrigation lines in the lower prop house.
Marketing & Media Alex Woolery
  • Plant sale: completed final development and testing. Launched sale: in spite of website optimizations, dealt with a three-hour website slowdown. Record traffic to website (~50k hits) and record sales, sold close to 90% of stock (~12,900 plants) on the first day.
  • Managed orders, gave customer service and tech help, answered customer questions, issued refunds, ran stock management and order checking.
  • Assisted staff with mailer logistics and printing, advertisements, technical support, training on the website, website updates, social media posts.
  • Worked with Jon to support his beaver pond illustration with a Facebook post and multi-part Twitter thread highlighting several different benefits of the ponds.
  • Final edits to Marketing Plan draft.
  • Continue managing plant sale: order checking and processing, refunds, customer support.
  • Close plant sale and begin processing plant pick lists, update website.
  • Spring workshops - promotion and explore potential advertising/outreach venues.
Information Technology Lissa Adams,
Lindsay Nelson,
Alex Woolery
  • Alex assisted Lindsay with issues connecting the board room projector to devices.
  • Lissa cleaned up server to free up disk space.
  • Lissa worked with Online Support on a number of connectivity and email issues.
  • Lissa worked with new IT contractor (TeamLogic) to plan for switch-over.
  • Lindsay, Alex and Lissa will respond to staff IT issues and questions as needed.
  • Lissa will continue working with TeamLogic for a smooth transition, and order a new Rural Lands computer.
Program Management Julie DiLeone
  • Developing process for CLIP committee and ED approval of CLIP grants under $15,000 for clarification at the February Board meeting.
  • Interesting discussion at the Sandy Partners meeting of methods used by ODFW to set fish number goals in the Lower Columbia salmon recovery plan.
  • Met with Carrie and other staff from Willamette Partnership about using the Heat Source model to estimate the impact of StreamCare plantings. Looks like between Andrew's GIS skills and Lucas' willingness to try it out we will be able to do the work in house.
  • Sandy River Watershed Council meeting re-scheduled for next week.
  • Attending the new advisory committee OSU is putting together for the IPM web site.
  • NRCS webinar on the latest version of their greenhouse gas inventory and analysis tool.
Rural Water Quality Aaron Guffey
  • Entered into service contracts for engineering consultants for Erosion Solutions.
  • Met with an engineering consultant and the nursery that received a CLIP grant, to begin investigation of long term erosion solutions.
  • Read "The New Jim Crow."
  • Work with engineering consultants and Clackamas SWCD to create Erosion Solutions design for two nurseries.
  • Engage in the diversity, equity, and inclusion process EMSWCD staff are participating in.
  • Attend all Oregon Association of Nurseries Mt Hood Chapter meetings and events.
  • Work with USGS as they provide consultation to develop tools to correlate conservation practice implementation to water quality.
  • Work with CLIP cooperator to procure and install erosion control BMPs.
StreamCare Lucas Nipp
  • Julie, Andrew, and I met with three employees from Willamette Partnership to talk about their lessons learned and suggestions for us as we gear up to run shade-a-lator on our Johnson and Beaver Creek StreamCare sites. This will be one way to see the effect our restoration work is having on temperature in these streams.
  • I met with a fish biologist from NRCS at the Dianna Pope Natural Area (DPNA). NRCS will be nationalizing some of their stream assessment tools and making webinars to accompany them. She will have a group of educators out there next week to run them through the assessments using DPNA. I also got her management recommendations and she will provide assessment materials when they are done with the site.
  • A crew was out a day last week and two more days this week working on finishing up clearing blackberry on a 6.6 acre StreamCare site in Big Creek. They should be done with this site later this week.
  • I will have a crew out finishing up blackberry clearing on the six acre site they are working on in Big Creek. Then clearing will be done for the winter as ground nesting bird season starts in February.
  • I will be working on finalizing plant orders for StreamCare, Weed Control sites, and the Plant Sale. We will be receiving the plants the week of February 5. We will be getting almost 50K plants total (13400 for plant sale, 20,900 for StreamCare, 13,400 for Weed Control sites).
  • Aaron and I will be taking part in a tour of the upper Johnson Creek Watershed with folks from the Johnson Creek Interjurisdictional Committee. DPNA will be one of the tour stops.
Technical Assistance Jeremy Baker
  • Finalized a site visit report to a new landowner who is also enrolled in StreamCare. The report covers fencing, livestock management, grazing management and pasture health. Lucas loved it.
  • Attended CLIP team meeting to discuss CLIP process.
  • Attended Land Legacy Committee Meeting.
  • Plannign for site visits with 2 new landowners in the Corbett area. One is looking at converting from sprinkler to drip irrigation on 5 acres of blueberries. The second one is looking to enhance some habitat and remove blackberries.
  • Drafting Headwaters Conservation Plan and reviewing Headwaters Farm Plan
  • As the Portland-area board representative to OCEAN (Oregon Conservation Education and Assistance Network), I'm assisting with the creation of a training support grant they will offer.
Weed Management Chris Aldassy
  • Jon and I went on several site visits from people who attended our workshop to assess the vegetation on their landscapes.
  • I'm helping a landowner with a clip application to improve wildlife habitat on her property through vegetation restoration.
  • I've been working on project outreach for landowners for future ivy control.
  • We will begin receiving plants for our restoration plantings.
  • We will hopefully complete all of our agreements with different agencies regarding post-fire restoration efforts.
  • Attending CGCWMA (Columbia Gorge Cooperative Weed Management Area) meeting focusing on utilizing volunteers for fire restoration efforts.
Weed Management Jon Wagner
  • Chris and I collected monthly water quality samples and conducted the monthly wildlife survey.
  • Chris and I gave site weed control and restoration site visits for two rural landowners.
  • I have been updating the water quality Sampling and Analysis Plans for Johnson and Beaver Creeks. I compiled last year's new weed points to share with partners. I have been working with Chris to streamline our data collection.
  • I finished an illustration about the positive impacts of beaver ponds and have been working with Alex to find ways of using it for outreach.
  • I will finish updating the water quality sampling and assessment plans. I will work with Chelsea and Lucas to create an illustrated interpretive sign for the Dianna Pope Natural Area.
  • Chris and I will outreach for ivy control and restoration work. Chris and I will control spurge laurel. Chris and I will work with crews to begin native planting at restoration sites.
  • I will attend the Columbia Gorge CWMA meeting.
Outreach & Education Chelsea White-Brainard
  • Sent an email reminder to area farmers about the USDA 2018 Agricultural Census.
  • Participated in the Equity Team's 5th follow-up session with CEI (Center for Equity and Inclusion).
  • Coordinated the translation of the 4-County CWMA (Cooperative Weed Management Area) invasive weed fact sheets into Spanish.
  • Sort plants for StreamCare plantings.
  • Work on future signage for the Dianna Pope Natural Area at Headwaters Farm.
  • Coordinate printing and mailing of water quality mailer, Beaver Creek: the Watershed Beneath Our Feet.
Program Management Kathy Shearin
  • Attended EMSWCD board Meeting, 4-County CWMA Annual Pull Together, a steering committee for the OSU Solve Pest Problems web tool, and a CEI (Center for Equity and Inclusion) and Management Team check-in.
  • Met with CLIP Team. Met with Katie and Andrew to discuss database and CRM needs for Urban Lands program. Met with management team to discuss budget priorities.
  • Attended EMSWCD Contract presenter auditions.
Technical Assistance Whitney Bailey
  • Met with Brooklyn Community Gardens & provided information on raised beds, sheet mulching, lesser celandine control, erosion control, and improving pollinator habitat.
  • Met with Kelly Elementary to discuss blackberry management.
  • Met with Treehill HOA in Wood Village to discuss stormwater management issues; consulted with in-house CLIP team on options.
  • Attended the 4 County CWMA's "Pulling Together" conference.
  • Presenting a rain garden program for realtors' association.
  • Attending a plant swap planning meeting with Backyard Habitats and Watershed Councils.
  • Site visit planned to Ron Russell Middle School to discuss potential SPACE grant.
  • Attending CSWC Tech Team meeting.
Outreach & Education Angela Previdelli
  • Presented at East Portland Action Plan to a group of 65 East Portland residents and advocates.
  • Attended meeting at Nadaka to discuss Plant Swap event co-hosted with City of Gresham and Backyard Habitat in March.
  • Worked with Scot to install 25 plant ID sign in the landscape. In the spring we will install the other 25 signs.
  • Attending NACD (National Association of Conservation Districts) conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Final preparations for Plant Sale - volunteer coordination, plant delivery, setup.
  • Screening the documentary 13th at the office as part of equity homework.
Outreach & Education Katie Meckes
  • Plant Sale tasks: general event coordination, supply inventory & organization, printed labels, conducted outreach and customer care related to online shopping experience.
  • Staffed Native Plant workshop @ EMSWCD office on January 13th. It was very well attended with approximately 35 attendees.
  • Basement Organization session in preparation for plant sale and spring workshop season.
  • Made updates to Emergency Action Plan & tended to other safety committee tasks.
  • Continue final plant sale preparations - we are getting close!
  • Create and send out MailChimp announcement as first big push to promote spring workshop season.
  • Meet with Safety Committee next week.
Outreach & Education Josie Moberg
  • Organized spring workshop binder, communicated with workshop hosts to ensure a smooth spring season.
  • Designed and built prototype for a hands-on rain garden model/activity.
  • Created Plant Sale pick up day activities: 1) Made improvements to existing scavenger hunt, and 2) Developed a self-guided tour through the native plant landscape.
  • Continue communicating with hosts to be sure all questions are answered.
  • Teach "how to build a mini rain garden" activity at Children's Clean Water Festival in March.
  • Finalize self guided tour and scavenger hunt activities and print enough copies for Plant Sale day.
Program Management Andrew Brown
  • Worked on budget and prioritization for the 5-year strategic plan.
  • Assisted Matt with various ag land protection projects, and preparations for the January Land Legacy Committee meeting.
  • Compiled quarterly report for the second quarter of 2017-18.
  • Advance the draft of the 2018-2023 EMSWCD strategic plan.
  • Work on FY18-19 budget for Conservation Legacy.
  • Attend NACD conference.
Grants Suzanne Easton
  • PIC 2018: completed administrative review, on to project review; preparation of materials for Review Committee; consideration of budget implications.
  • Attended Oregon Farm to School/Garden Summit.
  • Participated in CEI equity training with Equity Team.
  • PIC 2018: send out review notice/materials to the PIC Review Committee; continue internal review.
  • Equity reading.
  • Strategic planning follow-up.
Land Legacy Matt Shipkey
  • Managed Land Legacy Committee and Special Board Meeting.
  • Due diligence and closing prep for property in contract.
  • Secured landowner and Board agreement for new conservation transactions.
  • Advanced disposition of EMSWCD property.
  • Close on property in contract.
  • Advance towards executed PSA on Board approved transactions.
  • Further advance disposition of EMSWCD property.
  • Advance outreach efforts.
Headwaters Farm Rowan Steele
  • Rowan was on vacation during this reporting period.