Activity Report for the Period 1/14/2019 – 1/25/2019

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Jay Udelhoven
  • External Engagement: Met with Warren Jimenez, the new ED for the Intertwine Alliance, for a meet and greet; met with Jonathan Blasher, the new Metro Nature & Parks Director, for a meet and greet; participated in monthly OACD call.
  • Boards/Committees: Participated in board diversification webinar; prepared for and hosted EMSWCD Board work session on DEI; prepared for Ad-hoc Committee meeting.
  • Policies/Planning: Started review of fiscal policies and procedures; continued DEI planning with Equity Team; reviewed budgeting timing and needs with management team; updated and finalized newly approved personnel policies.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Met with Multnomah County attorney and staff regarding 3rd party lawsuit; met with staff (1x1) and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Addressed public concern regard impacts caused by boating on the Willamette River; attended site visit of potential acquisition.
  • External Engagement: Host local government DEI meeting; convene CSWC, BES, PPR, and NAYA to discuss possible project on NAYA campus.
  • Boards/Committees: Host Ad-hoc Committee meeting; prepare for and host board meeting; attend LLC meeting.
  • Policies/Planning: Continue DEI planning with Equity Team; review 2nd quarter progress report; continue work on personnel policies.
  • Supervision/Leadership: Meet with organizational consultants; meet with staff (1x1) and management team.
  • Program Implementation: Review PIC applications.
Program Supervision / Finance & Budget Dan Mitten
  • Began budget preparation. Sent out worksheets. Budget timeline.
  • Attended 3-day workshop on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Attended Equity Team Meeting.
  • Had 1X1 meetings with staff.
  • Compile budget information, prepare F&O budgets, compile program budgets. Complete first draft of budget.
Office Management Lindsay Nelson
  • Worked on Personnel Committee meeting minutes. Created and sent out LLC Meeting Packet and Ad-Hoc Committee Packet.
  • Conducted research on Board Table. Went to several different furniture stores.
  • Finished FY19-20 budget template. Updated monthly insurance withholding form.
  • Met with Katie for Plant Sale pick up day logistics.
  • Finalizing Personnel meeting minutes. Set up, record, and take minutes for Board Working Session.
  • Onboarding new employee. Setting up new employee phone.
  • Plant Sale Pick up day prep.
  • Filing.
Facilities Management Scot Wood
  • Andrew and I input a ton of data into a spreadsheet to determine the number of trips and mileage per trips in both of the state cars. This information will help determine the feasibility of purchasing, leasing from DAS or leasing from another source, EV or Plug-in vehicles to help lessen our climate impact.
  • Rowan and I were able to fill up the compost boxes and we are actively making compos at Headwaters!! Rowan and I also installed a new, beefier latch on the outdoor cooler to replace the old one that broke.
  • I will be assisting Andrew, as needed, on a grant that could possibly pay in part or full, an EV charging station(s) at the office.
  • I'll be whittling away at some winter maintenance tasks.
Marketing & Media Alex Woolery
  • Plant sale: final development, testing and preparations: UI/UX improvements, addressing issues and requests, code implementation, meetings with staff to review store and plant sale day logistics. Final checks and launched the sale. Very successful launch, no errors, sold out of most stock in the first two days. Thanks to all staff for their terrific teamwork making this happen!
  • Plant sale post-launch: store management and updates, order checking, processed refunds, answered and relayed customer calls and emails. Exported a batch of orders, tested and refined pick lists. Created initial analytics on sale activity. Worked with Dan to produce and upload relevant financial and identity documents to Shopify.
  • Posted announcement about new Equity Page and draft Equity Statement comment opportunity.
  • Several website updates and press releases for various Board and Committee meetings. Archived and/or updated old posts and page content. Policy page updates.
  • Catching up on items since plant sale launched: finalized Branding & Identity Guide, posted Urban CLIP map, discussed promoting Chelsea’s Headwaters video, working with Chelsea and Jon on advancing Streamside Forests poster, obtained a quote and proofs for the poster.
  • Plant sale: close down store, export orders, run accuracy checks. Finalize pick list formatting and create and print lists. Assist plant sale team with logistics and preparations.
  • Minor touch-ups to Streamside Forests poster. Work with Chelsea to confirm order and paper details and send to print.
  • Continue catching up on minor and outstanding items.
  • Work with Jon and Urban Lands to release new workshops poster.
  • Assist with onboarding new employee.
Program Management Julie DiLeone
  • Added content to the constraints section of the equity plan for review by the equity team.
  • Summarizing the past 2 years of work in the Sandy watershed for inclusion in the ag water quality biennial review.
  • Completed the rural lands sections of the ODA and EM quarterly reports.
  • Draft Rural Lands budget.
  • Continue equity plan work with equity team.
  • Attend Sandy Watershed Council meeting.
Rural Water Quality Aaron Guffey
  • Collected and compiled results for water quality samples and downloaded time lapse footage to monitor the efficacy of a sediment basin.
  • Met with EMSWCD staff and the landowner to finalize creation of an Ag Management Plan for the Oxbow Property.
  • Worked with a nursery to develop an irrigation project as part of the CLIP process and presented to the CLIP review committee.
  • Monitor an Erosion Solutions project at a nursery.
  • Create an Ag Management Plan to accompany an easement for the Oxbow Property to be sold to a nursery.
  • Engage in the diversity, equity, and inclusion process EMSWCD staff are participating in.
  • Attend all Oregon Association of Nurseries Mt. Hood Chapter meetings and events. Fulfill the responsibilities of treasurer on the Mt. Hood Chapter board.
  • Connect with partners to explore opportunities for developing better solutions regarding cover crop useage on nurseries.
  • Amend budget according to the indications of the CLIP review committee.
StreamCare Lucas Nipp
  • Working on the annual update of the Dianna Pope Natural Area Site Conservation Plan.
  • I have been spending a whole lot of time with plant ordering for the Plant Sale and StreamCare. Lots of cancellations, reorders, and juggling of orders and confirmations.
  • I attended the 4-County CWMA Pull Together.
  • Jon, Chris, and I will be clearing blackberry on a StreamCare site that needs a little more blackberry that was sprayed but not cut removed before planting can happen next month.
  • I plan to complete a draft of the annual update of the Dianna Pope Natural Area Site Conservation Plan and circulate it for review.
  • I will be attending the steering committtee for the Columbia Gorge CWMA and chairing the general meeting.
Technical Assistance Jeremy Baker
  • Site visit to landowner along Sandy River trying to remove invasive ivy, bamboo as while maintaining streambank stability.
  • Attended Johnson Creek Inter-Jurisdictional Committee meeting.
  • Attended Oregon Conservation Partnership Meeting with Coalition of Land Trusts, Oregon Association of Conservation Districts and Network of Oregon Watershed Councils to discuss Connect conference, the partnerships communications outreach, and various updates from each organization.
  • Working with Julie to set up Weather Station update for our EMSWCD webpage.
  • Wildfire Track planning for the Connect confernece continues. My individual portion of this track (Before The Fire: Planning & Preparedness) is almost complete. I need to identify one more eastside SWCD to present on their Districts' programs and outreach for forest management.
Weed Management Chris Aldassy
  • I attended the 4 county CWMA Pull Together.
  • Created a restoration plan for the Springdale School natural area.
  • I led crews removing ground and tree ivy in the Corbett area, and in the Gorge.
  • Ivy removal in the rural areas.
  • Daphne control in the Corbett area.
  • General weeds presentation planning.
Weed Management Jon Wagner
  • I entered and managed water quality data. I gathered, edited and shared EMSWCD's 2018 weeds data with IMapInvasives. I met with Chelsea about upcoming outreach materials and workshops.
  • Lucas and I collected monthly water quality samples and completed monthly wildlife surveys in the Diana Pope Natural Area.
  • I attended, took comic notes and presented my comic notes at the Pull-Together.
  • Lucas, Chris and I will cut blackberries at a StreamCare site.
  • Chris and I will begin our annual spurge laurel surveys and control.
  • I will work on illustrations for outreach materials. I will work with Chris and Julie to plan goals for our weed control program.
Outreach & Education Chelsea White-Brainard
  • Helped plan, coordinate, and present at Pull Together Conference, and annual event of the 4-County CWMA (Cooperative Weed Management Area). There were 130 attendees and 10 presentations.
  • With input from Equity Team, developed a section of the Equity Plan and presented it to the team.
  • Began planning spring workshops, which will include: A livestock workshop presented by Jeremy Baker, a weeds workshop presented by Chris Aldassy and Jon Wagner, and a new wildlife workshop presented by Jon Wagner. Stay tuned for details.
  • Coordinated with partners on printing of Streamside Forests poster, illustrated by Jon Wagner. There was a lot of interest and we will be able to pool resources to order printing of 2000 copies.
  • Print Streamside Forests poster to give out at Plant Sale.
  • Will continue working with the Equity Team to develop the Equity Plan, section by section.
  • Work with Lucas to develop content about StreamCare for a kiosk at Glenn Otto Park, as well as a blog post about StreamCare for the Sandy River Watershed Council's Beaver Creek blog.
  • Begin promoting and continue planning spring workshops.
Program Management Kathy Shearin
  • Attended MHCC Salmon Safe Steering committee meeting
  • Met with MHCC staff and Salmon Safe team. Met with East County Collaboration team.
  • Connect with Landscapers about retrofit demonstrations at Conservation Corner (EMSWCD offices).
  • Attend Board Equity Work Session.
  • Attend CSWC Board meeting.
  • Attend Solve Pest Problems Advisory group.
  • Attend MHCC Salmon Safe Steering committee meeting.
Technical Assistance Whitney Bailey
  • Site visit to Sandy River property. Contract development and negotiations with landscaping company for 2019 season and bike shed green roof installation. Oversaw south rain garden fix. Reviewed revised proposals for riparian restoration CLIP project.
  • Plant Sale: Made 14,000+ labels. Assisted with prepping for Pickup Day.
  • Attended OACD webinar: Low Impact Development and Watersheds. Attended East County Outreach Collaboration meeting.
  • Co-led PCC Environmental Science tour of Conservation Corner.
  • Acquired plants, soil and gravel for bike shed green wall retrofit project.
  • CSWC Tech Team meeting.
  • Finalize landscaping and green roof contracts.
  • Install Green Wall retrofit materials.
Outreach & Education Katie Meckes
  • Plant Sale: We had a super successful plant sale website launch on the 16th! Developed content for new plant sale website. Trained Whitney on how to use thermal label printer for plant sale labels. Ordered final plant sale order sorting supplies. Continuing with planning and logistics for successful sorting week and pick-up day event.
  • Cleaned up office/workspace in preparation for Monica's arrival.
  • Hosted East County Partnership meeting.
  • Led a tour of 26 PCC students on a tour of EMSWCD and the Conservation Corner.
  • Continue planning and logistics for Plant Sale order sorting and for pick up day.
Outreach & Education Brandi Boersma
  • Plant Sale: meetings, web testing, Pickup Day support, volunteer recruitment, scheduling, management and website updates.
  • Workshops: scheduling, outreach and social media, web updates.
  • East County Collaboration meeting.
  • Fix-it-Fair. Monica starts!
  • Ongoing recruitment and discussions for a few culturally-specific workshops! Workshop outreach.
  • Plant Sale volunteer management plus whatever Katie needs. Photo waiver/liability discussions.
Program Management Andrew Brown
  • Collated quarterly report for the second quarter of FY17-18.
  • Worked on developing budgets for fiscal year 2019-2020 for the Conservation Legacy programs.
  • Assisted Matt with due diligence related to Oxbow closing, and other Land Legacy projects. Participated in HIP end of year/graduation function.
  • Put some time into organizing climate change-related sessions for the 2019 CONNECT conference.
  • Advance the 5-year EMSWCD strategic plan draft.
  • Finalize first draft FY2019-20 budgets for the Conservation Legacy programs.
  • Assist Matt with Oxbow agricultural management plan, and with due diligence related to Oxbow closing.
Grants Suzanne Easton
  • 2019 PIC: Continued to review applications and obtain additional information as needed; prepared materials for PIC Review Committee packet; scheduled meeting for Committee.
  • Equity: Attended Equity Team meeting, researched other equity plans to see what they included, worked on Equity webpage, worked on equity plan framework.
  • Attended Salmon Watch/Blueprint celebration (2018 PIC grantee).
  • Meetings: attended Equity Grantmakers Network meeting, attended CLIP meeting.
  • 2019 PIC: Continue to review applications, send out packet to PIC Review Committee, start to prepare for meeting.
  • Equity: Continue to work on plan and propose options for the plan outline, attend Equity Team meeting.
Land Legacy Matt Shipkey
  • Land Camp presentation proposal submitted.
  • Surveyor for Oxbow engaged.
  • Sturm lease drafted.
  • Kitchen table discussion hosted.
  • Land Legacy Committee meeting prepped for.
  • First Farm Succession Planning workshop completed.
  • Right of First Refusal executed.
  • Land Legacy Committee meeting hosted.
  • Additional farm succession planning workshops.
  • Oxbow due diligence advanced.
Headwaters Farm Rowan Steele
  • Met with contractor to look at the road realignment in the Dianna Pope Natural Area and other projects around the farm.
  • Loaded the compost boxes with material and covered the remaining pile.
  • Hosted the End of Year gathering for incubator farmers.
  • Facilitating a farm clean up.
  • Working on farm signage, especially pertaining to the entrance sign.
  • Developing the draft HIP budget for FY 19-20.