Gordon Creek Farm

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The fields at Gordon Creek

The berry fields at Gordon Creek Farm

A long-time berry farmer listed his 20-acre property in Corbett for sale in 2018, wanting to help plan for his retirement. EMSWCD and the owner reached an agreement to ensure the property would forever remain in farm use through EMSWCD’s acquisition of the property. The property continues to be operated as a berry farm while EMSWCD considers plans for future ownership. In the winter of 2019 EMSWCD made investments in improving the habitat of a tributary to Big Creek through its StreamCare program.

Please note that because the property is a working farm and is under lease to a private party, public access is not permitted.

Are you a farmer or landowner interested in learning more? Visit our Landowner Options page or contact Matt Shipkey, our Land Legacy Program Manager at (503) 935-5374 or matt@emswcd.org.