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an aerial view of forested land, showing the Columbia River in the distance and more forest and receding mountains beyond

Mixed-forest habitat on the Nestwood property will help create a corridor of protected lands between the Columbia and Sandy Rivers

The Nestwood conservation transaction – at 818 acres – is the largest land protection project ever supported by EMSWCD, and one that secures multiple outcomes. Important habitats, soil and water quality are protected and will be enhanced over time. The carbon found in these forests will stay “locked up” and will increase over time as the landscape is managed for forest health and carbon capture. Additionally, opportunities for individuals and organizations – from both rural and urban environments – to access this special landscape will be developed in time with partners.

Nestwood Forest was conserved because of the vision and generosity of Dennis and Cynthia Wiancko, who donated a significant amount of property value, and the leadership of the Columbia Land Trust. EMSWCD is pleased to have helped fund this project to protect a significant Natural Area.