Register Your Rain Garden

Highlight your rain garden and help educate your neighbors about its many benefits!

If you live in our district (in Multnomah county east of the Willamette River), and have built a rain garden that captures stormwater off your roof or other impervious surface, you can register your rain garden here!

We will send you an aluminum 7×9 inch sign to install in your front yard! Help spread the word on the value of rain gardens. With everyone doing their part, our streams will be healthier and cleaner.

All personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared.

Rain Garden Registration

Help us track of the number of rain gardens out there, and receive a free rain garden sign! Only one sign request per household, please. Please also note these signs are for residents in our District (all Multnomah County east of the Willamette River).

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    Rain Garden Tours and Outreach Photos

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    Note: We will always contact you for permission prior to offering any tours or to take photos.

    Rain Garden Info

    Help us track our impact on stormwater by entering some basic information about your rain garden/s!

    How big is your rain garden?

    How big is the roof or other area that drains to the rain garden? (*Please note, if it does not receive stormwater from a roof, driveway, or other hard surface, we are unable to register it as a rain garden.)

    Please describe your garden and tell us what plants you used.

    Please share any tips or lessons learned!

    Where did you get the information you needed to to build a rain garden? (mark all that apply)

    A rain garden class offered by East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD)The EMSWCD websiteA rain garden class offered by another organization (a nursery, a botanical garden, a local government in the Portland region, etc)A neighbor or friendOther (please describe below)

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