Take control of your graywater

greywater concept sketch

You can now use the water from your washing machines, sinks and showers to water your landscape! This water is known as graywater.

When it comes to conserving water, sometimes the biggest impact you can make is in your yard! According to the Portland Water Bureau, 60% of our household water usage goes to watering our landscapes. With a graywater system(A graywater system is a system put in place to filter and reuse water from your washing machine, sink, shower or bathtub), you can use some of your indoor water again in your yard! This can cut your overall water usage by up to 40%1.

We are offering Using Graywater at Home workshops on June 9th and June 23rd – learn about saving water (and money) by using graywater to irrigate your garden or landscaping. In this workshop you’ll learn some graywater basics, as well as how to get a permit so you can get started.

Topics to be covered:

  • What is graywater and what can it be used for in your yard?
  • Estimating outdoor summer water usage
  • Estimating how much graywater is available from your home
  • Safety considerations
  • How to get a graywater permit

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Register for our June 9th workshop Using Graywater at Home   Register for our June 23rd workshop Using Graywater at Home

Additional Resources:

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