Partners in Conservation (PIC) Grants

The Partners in Conservation (PIC) program provides funding to support conservation projects and conservation education in the District. In order to be eligible for funding, projects or events must be located within the EMSWCD service area (all Multnomah County east of the Willamette River) or serve its residents. Projects must show a clear public benefit in one or more of the following: habitat restoration or watershed health, soil erosion prevention/control, soil health, water quality, water conservation, and/or environmental education.

Please note we are pausing our regular PIC Grants program for the 2021 PIC grant cycle. You can read more on this below, and please check back soon for further updates and information.

EMSWCD takes a “strategic pause” for the 2021 PIC Cycle

To EMSWCD grantees, partners, and supporters: We know how deeply all of you have been affected this past year by the upheaval and uncertainty that surrounds us. Here at EMSWCD, we have continued to do our work the best we can and to look for ways to support our communities. Ironically, it is in these extraordinary times that we are presented with a rare opportunity to consider how we may want to do things differently, to move in a direction that responds to the weight of this historic moment.

In this vein, EMSWCD has decided to take a “strategic pause” for the 2021 Partners in Conservation (PIC) Grant cycle – suspending the competitive grant opportunity for one year. While we will forgo the normal application process for PIC 2021, EMSWCD is committed to supporting our grantees and partners through this challenging time, and we intend to do this by extending some current grants and offering non-competitive new grants for our regular grantees for the fiscal year 2021/22. We are still working out the details of the criteria for this continued funding. The SPACE grant program will continue to operate as usual.

During this time, our staff will have the opportunity to address many aspects of our grant funding program with an eye toward greater equity and more strategic funding. We plan to conduct an evaluation of EMSWCD’s grants program in light of changes in the context of our regional funding, to implement new DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and other strategic initiatives, and to more fully engage with partners, grantees and other stakeholders about the future of our grants program.

Our hope is that through the work we accomplish during this “strategic pause,” our grants program will become more effective and more responsive to our diverse communities.

Please follow our website for more detailed information in the weeks to come. Please contact Suzanne Easton, Grants Program Manager, if you have any questions:


Contact Suzanne Easton – Grants Manager

EMSWCD values the diversity of our residents as an integral part of the success of our programs and our organization. We are committed to learning how to best ensure equitable conservation benefits. Through our Grants Program, we look to support projects that further opportunities for our region’s diverse populations to participate and help shape conservation efforts.