Farmer Graduates

Meet the farmers who have graduated from our Headwaters Farm Incubator program!

Headwaters Farmers

Lili Tova and Gabbi Logsdon

Flying Coyote Farm

Flying Coyote Farm is a certified organic and biodynamic farm where we are passionate about growing the highest quality food with a focus on flavor and unique and heirloom varieties. We distribute our vegetables, herbs and pasture-raised meat through our CSA Program, Farmers Markets, and local restaurants. We are excited for the opportunity to join the Headwater’s Incubator Program as a way to expand our farm’s offerings and to push ourselves to be growing on a larger more mechanized scale. For us growing food is an essential and radical act that leads to healthier communities, land, and people. To learn more about our farm and our growing practices please visit our website.

Emily Cooper

Full Cellar Farm

Emily Cooper fell in love with farming in 2008, as a farm apprentice in Wallowa County, under the watchful eye of Chief Joseph Mountain. She now owns Full Cellar Farm, which offers produce in bulk amounts for preserving and storage. An avid farmer and canner, Emily is excited to share her experiences with her customers both in person and through her blog at

Angela LeVan

Alquimia Botanicals ~ Fresh Medicinal Apothecary

Angela LeVan is an herbalist, healer, teacher, and grower of medicines. She owns and operates Alquimia Botanicals~Fresh Medicinal Apothecary offering personalized herbal medicine in the forms of fresh, dried, and prepared medicinals. The majority of plants are grown at Headwaters Farm and through shared neighborhood gardening with InTownAg, a Portland-based garden-sharing cooperative. You can read more updates about what is available at her website Alquimia Botanicals. Alquimia Botanicals products are available at the following farmers markets: PSU Spring Market, St. John’s Market, and Montavilla Market.

Brian Shipman and Mary Colombo

Wild Roots Farm

Brian and Mary's passion for farming is driven by a love of delicious and nutritious food, and for sharing the bounty of the harvest with friends. Wild Roots Farm is devoted to growing the highest-quality produce for home and professional cooks, using responsible modern techniques.

"As stewards of the soil, we believe that sharing with the community is crucial, and we intend to fulfill those duties through education, outreach and charity. Our philosophy is based on our combined ten-plus year experience in growing for restaurants, CSA (CSA stands for "community-supported agriculture") and farmers markets. We believe that the future of our food systems will demand more small-scale, biologically-intensive farms focused on soil-building and high productivity."

Sergei and Tatyana Tkachenko

Rainbow Produce Farm

Rainbow Produce is a family farm owned and operated by Tatyana and Sergey Tkachenko. Rainbow Produce grows a variety of crops for farmers markets and the Russian-speaking community, and specializes in value-added products like sauces, pickles and sauerkraut. They are excited to be expanding production and markets this year, and to be able to provide their children with access to healthy, delicious, homegrown veggies.

John Felsner and Heather Miles

Springtail Farm

Springtail Farm, owned and operated by John Felsner and Heather Miles, is a direct market producer and seller of seasonal, northwest-adapted and mostly open pollinated herbs and vegetables. John and Heather grow over 100 varieties of 30 different crops, practicing sustainable and chemical-free growing methods with a focus on onions, potatoes, tomatoes, winter squash and seven different root vegetables. In 2015, their focus will be on winter storage vegetables and hearty greens and alliums (flowering bulb plants such as onion, garlic, chives, and leeks).

Springtail Farm's mission is to primarily serve their neighbors in the Arleta and Lents neighborhoods of Portland Oregon, but they also wish to welcome any supporters in outer southeast Portland, such as the Woodstock and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods. They can also be found at the Eastmoreland and Lents International Farmers Markets in 2015, and their hearty greens, tomatoes and squash can be enjoyed at Arleta Library Café and Artigiano Italian Eatery (May - October).


Glasrai Farm

Glasrai is the Gaelic word for vegetable or green; the farm was named this to honor our family ancestors who homesteaded in Oregon back in the 1870s. We biointensively farm 300+ varieties of vegetable crops on 2 acres, including a hoop house. Our practices combine traditional methods with new techniques to produce high yields on small acreage, while building soil tilth using only certified organic compost, fertilizers and amendments, plus no herbicide or pesticide use. You can find us at St. Johns and Montavilla farmers markets every Saturday and Sunday May through October, then at PSU Portland Farmers Market from November through December. We have expanded sales to local restaurants by specializing in salad and braising mixes, as well as our market crop selection available for wholesale pricing.

Olza and Vladimir Stadnikov : Stadnikov Farm

Olza and Vladimir Stadnikov

Stadnikov Farm

Olza and Vladimir Stadnikov have over ten years experience in food production, half of which was in Tajikistan and Siberia, the other half from market production here in Oregon. In addition to the wide variety of vegetables they sell at the Lents International Farmers Market, Stadnikov Farm is best known for its dark, rich, local honey. The beekeeping craft has been a tradition with the Stadnikov family for over fifty years. It’s a practice that looks to continue, as Vladimir and Olza’s son has now become the primary hive manager. After managing dozens of hives, the Stadnikovs have become vocal advocates of organic practices and the development of habitat that promotes the proliferation of pollinator species.

Rick, Heather, & Brenner

Abundant Fields Farm

Abundant Fields is a petite farm that utilizes sustainable farming practices to provide fresh, organic, high quality produce, with the goal of becoming a viable contributor to the local economy and food movement through sales at local farmers markets, small gourmet restaurants and local health food stores. This vision can be summed up simply: “Big Flavor ~ Tiny Farm.”

In addition to being a farmer in the program, Rick and Heather live at Headwaters Farm with their four-year-old son, Brenner, where they are caretakers of the property. They love living on the farm and greatly appreciate the opportunity to be involved with the incubator program from its onset.

Tatyana and Petr Puzur : Happy Moment Farm

Tatyana and Petr Puzur

Happy Moment Farm

Tatyana and Petr Puzur launched Happy Moment Farm in 2009 as a return to the farming lifestyle and occupation they practiced for years in the Kuban region of Russia. As their farm name suggests, Happy Moment plays a key role in their physical and mental contentment and health, but also how they engage and embrace family, community, and place.

After immigrating to the United States, the Puzurs used Zenger Farm’s Lents International Farmers Market and Mercy Corps Northwest’s Refugee Farming Program as a way to begin producing food in their new homeland. Through this support network, they quickly developed the skills necessary to manage their farm business. Now, as seasoned growers to the Pacific Northwest, they’ve refined their goals to include the continued organic production of vegetables—many of which are crops they cultivated in Russia—and building soil health through the use of solid conservation agriculture practices.

Brindley Beckwith and Spencer Suffling

Tanager Farm

Tanager Farm is run by Brindley Beckwith and Spencer Suffling, who have been farming together for a few seasons in Oregon. We have farmed in many different environments from WWOOFing to nonprofits to production farms. We are growing diverse, seasonal vegetables on one acre of land for local businesses such as P’s & Q’s Market and Veecee Farm, while providing a CSA for people who love vegetables or want to learn to love them. Thank you for supporting us and other small farms who believe in sustainability and community! Visit our website at

Pete Munyon and Claire Lutts : Udan Farm

Pete Munyon and Claire Lutts

Udan Farm

Bio coming soon!

Sue Nackoney

Gentle Rain Farm

Gentle Rain Farm’s mission is to care for people and the earth by providing wholesome, nourishing, simple and accessible food that supports people to thrive. Sue Nackoney started Gentle Rain Farm at Headwaters Incubator in 2015. Gentle Rain Farm grows certified organic veggies, herbs and cut flowers for farmers markets. We value connection, compassion, ecological awareness, beauty and fun in all our farming endeavors!

Dan Sullivan

Black Locust Farm

For over a decade, Dan Sullivan has been working on organic vegetable farms, and has also been involved in other areas of food production and marketing. Always seeking knowledge and deeper understanding, he has come to realize that with every season comes a whole new set of questions to answer. After years of operating field equipment and working on a (relatively) large scale, he began to call into question the “sustainability” of the farms he has worked for. Combined with a love of quality ingredients and for eating, Black Locust Farm is a project designed to re-assess some of the practices Dan has learned over the years by growing smaller quantities of specialty vegetables and herbs in a diversified structure.

Black Locust Farm aims to provide small restaurants, store fronts and value-added product manufacturers with high quality, regionally adapted and sustainably raised ingredients picked to order or even grown to order. The farm is working towards creating resilience in our food system by growing a diversified set of regionally adapted crops, focusing on soil building practices and saving seeds when practical.