Our 2020 Native Plant Sale is now open!

Mockorange (Philadelphus lewisii)

Our Annual Native Plant Sale is now open! The Plant Sale is a great way to get bare-root native trees and shrubs at a low cost. All plants are just $3 each, and a pollinator seed mix is available for $4. The sale takes place online at emswcdplantsale.com.


Update, 9:15 AM: Plants are selling out especially fast this morning, with 15 sold out so far. If you don’t find the plants you are looking for or they are sold out, please check out our Local Sources of Native Plants guide for a list of other sales and nurseries where you can find more native plants!

Please also see our Plant Sale FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about how our Native Plant Sale works.

Please note: Customers can purchase up to 15 of each species. If you are looking for a larger quantity of plants, we will connect you with wholesale suppliers that can handle larger requests. Contact Whitney for more information at Whitney@emswcd.org.