Updates on the 2015 Native Plant Sale

Western bleeding heart (Dicentra formosa)

Updated at 5:00pm on January 23rd.

Thanks to some incredible enthusiasm for native plants, nearly half of the species in our Native Plant Sale are already out of stock! Similar to last year’s sale, we have seen a large number of early orders. Unlike last year, we have had about five times as many orders on the first day! While we like to see this kind of demand, we also wanted to give everybody a fair chance to order the plants they want. We have had many calls and emails asking if we can get more of these plants, and as a courtesy we would like to give some background on the Native Plant Sale for our visitors.

Unfortunately, we are not able to order more plants at this late stage. The plants that are being sold were ordered from the nurseries in the summer of 2014. Also, since we are running the sale at our District office, we can only handle and process so many orders (with the help of our wonderful volunteers!), and also have space limitations for the stored plants.

This year we are selling over 18,000 native plants – WOW! The demand has also risen since last year, and in just the first ten hours, we’ve seen nearly as many orders as last year’s entire sale! We apologize to anyone who did not get a chance to order the plants they want, but fear not! There are a number of native plant sales and nurseries where you can get many of the same plants. Check out our Local Sources of Native Plants page, which features eight other annual Native Plant Sales, as well as many low-cost retail and wholesale native plant suppliers! In many cases you can get groundcovers in 4-inch pots for prices very similar to ours.